In the field of practical life, we discover astonishing contrasts. Wealthy people with a magnificent residence and with many friends sometimes suffer terribly.

Humble proletarians of picks and shovels or middle class people often live in complete happiness.

Many multi-millionaires suffer from sexual impotence and rich matrons cry bitterly due to their husbands’ infidelities...

In this day and age, the rich people of the earth look like vultures in golden cages. They cannot live without bodyguards.

Statesmen drag chains; they are never free; wherever they go they are surrounded by people armed to the teeth...

Let us study this situation more in detail. We need to know what life is. Everyone is free to think as he likes...

Regardless of whatever people say, indeed, nobody knows anything. Life is a problem that no one understands...

When people want to freely tell us the story of their life, they quote events, names and surnames, dates, etc. and feel satisfaction when telling their stories...

Those wretched people ignore that their stories are incomplete because events, names and dates are merely the outer aspect of the movie; the inner aspect is missing...

It is urgent to know “States of Consciousness. ” Each event is complemented with this or that psychological state.

The states are internal and the events are external. So, external events are not everything.

Let it be understood that internal states are good or bad disposition, preoccupation, depression, superstition, fear, suspicion, mercy, self-commiseration, overestimation of oneself, states of one’s sentiments of happiness, states of pleasure, etc.

Unquestionably, internal states can correspond exactly to external events, they can be originated by the latter, or they may not have any relationship with them whatsoever.

In every case, states and events are different. Events do not always correspond exactly to compatible states.

A pleasant event could be unrelated with its internal state.

An unpleasant event could be unrelated with its internal state.

When long awaited for events finally take place, we often feel that something is missing...

Certainly, the corresponding internal state which should have been combined with the external event was missing...

Many times an unexpected event comes to be the one that has provided us with the best moments.

By knowing what is in our hearts and minds, by seeing what we usually ignore, we learn not only what we are capable of, but also what prevents us from developing our full potential.

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