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With infinite happiness we have concluded this work. With humbleness, we offer this work to the poor and suffering humanity. It has been said that there exist three rays of the realization of the Inner Self. These three rays are: the Mystic ray, the Yogic ray, and the Domestic ray. The beloved brothers and sisters of Gnosis, while resting on their staff, walk the three paths combined. Our motto is Thelema (willpower).

Beloved brothers and sisters, here we have an absolutely practical book on occultism. For the love of God, we, the brothers and sisters of the temple, advise you with infinite humility not to waste your time theorizing. The opium of the theorists is more bitter than death itself.

Be humble in order to obtain wisdom. Once we have obtained wisdom, we must strive for even higher degrees of humility. Use the teachings of this book practically and you shall develop your divine powers. Beloved brothers and sisters, be consistent and patient; we must have absolute faith in our Divine Mother Kundalini. The Lady of all adoration guides her devotees from chakra to chakra.

When the igneous serpent of our magical powers awakens, the devotee passes six short but unforgettable experiences. These six experiences are: divine happiness, a trembling body or body parts, astral projection, spiritual voluptuousness, coccyx pain, dizzy spells in conjunction with deep sleep filled with spiritual brightness.

These six signs indicate to the disciple the awakening of Kundalini. This is how the gardener waters the delicate internal garden with the sublime nectar of life, until the delicious fruits of Eden appear.

The Yellow Book is a guide for practical esotericism.

Beloved disciples, we must understand that this is a text, and a sure guide for the path of the initiation.

Study this book and exercise these practices with intensity and supreme patience. Many occult powers appear with the awakening of the Kundalini. When this happens we must be careful not to fall into pride. Once we have accumulated these powers, we must act as though we do not have them at all. We must recognize our own misery and sins.

We must find shelter within the nothingness. We are the sinning shadow of that which has never sinned. We must develop our internal powers, but we must dissolve the “I,” the myself, the returning ego. By dissolving the “I” we can obtain complete liberation. The ego is a horrible larva that is present within the various levels of the mind. When the ego is dissolved, the great Lord of the Light enters the soul and dwells within.

We, the brothers and sisters of the temple, feel great bitterness when we see a great Master who in spite of having awakened the Kundalini, still has the living “I” or ego within the profound levels of the mind.

Beloved brothers and sisters, this book will guide you to awaken your Kundalini and develop your occult powers. We must practice the exercises but we must also dissolve the ego.

Again, we must recognize our own misery and sins.

We must fast, pray, and walk with faith, patience, and charity along the difficult path that leads us to Nirvana.