Preparation for Initiation 4

The corruption amongst spiritual devotees is deplorable. On one occasion, when we were advising a spiritual devotee in the United States about the practices of sexual magic, she cynically told us (in front of her own husband) that she would only practice sexual magic with her guru. We objected to her answer by telling her that sexual magic can only be practiced between spouses. Indeed, in the ordinary world no profane adulterer would ever dare to give such a dim-witted answer in front of her husband. However, only the irresponsible spiritual devotees can have such natural drive to this type of whimsical barbarian answer. What is worse is that the guru of this wretched devotee was only a charming impostor, a mystifying bandit, an executioner of souls .

On another occasion, we met a morbid mystic who sexually seduced many (female) devotees under the pretext of helping them. That wicked man fell in love with his wife’s own daughter (his own step-daughter) and seduced her. That wicked man was a fallen bodhisattva. Fallen bodhisattvas are worse than demons.

The majority of the tenebrous brethren of Aquarius are wicked men who are going around teaching black magic.

I know a fallen bodhisattva from Bogotá (Colombia) who formed a sect of imbecilic eunuchs who hate sex. Thus, through this awful way, this wretched brother harms homes and closes the doors of Eden for others.

So, in this day and age, it is very dangerous to just simply follow someone. What is best is to seek the inner master. The best thing is to follow our “I Am.” The best thing is to learn how to travel in the astral body in order to visit the temples of the White Lodge and to receive the teachings directly in the temple.

Although the genuine teachings of Jesus were obscured and hidden from the public, the time has come for them to be restored and made known.

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