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The Dissolution of the I

Brothers and sisters of mine:

This Christmas, it is necessary for you to deeply comprehend the necessity of dissolving the “I.”

The greatest danger that exists in life is the danger of converting ourselves into hasnamussen.

Whosoever does not work in the dissolution of the “I” gradually degenerates himself more and more in each existence.  Finally, he does not receive any more physical bodies because he has converted himself into a dangerous hasnamuss.

Four types of hasnamussen exist:

  1. hasnamussen of a cretinous type, very decrepit, stupid and degenerate
  2. hasnamussen who are strong, astute and perverse
  3. hasnamussen with a double center of gravity, but without an Astral Body; they only have a lunar body
  4. hasnamussen with a double center of gravity and with an Astral Body

The hasnamussen of the first type are true cretins, idiots and degenerated people.  They are extremely perverse, yet they do not even have the strength in order to be perverse.  This type is rapidly disintegrated after the death of their physical bodies.

The hasnamussen of the second type keep returning to this world in organisms of the animal kingdom.

The hasnamussen of the third type were Initiates of White Magic who acquired many psychic powers.  Yet, they went astray from their path and fell into Black Magic, because they did not dissolve the “I.”  This type of hasnamuss is like two heads of a coin, the obverse and the reverse.  They have two internal personalities, one is white and the other black.  Each one of these personalities has its own self-independence and psychic powers.

The hasnamussen of the fourth type are true fallen Bodhisattvas†, who committed the mistake of strengthening the “I.” These hasnamussen have a double center of gravity.  One is diabolical and the other divine.  

What is most awful in the fourth type is that they have an Astral Body.  One example of this type is Andramelek.  This hasnamuss confuses the inexperienced evocator because there are two Andrameleks, one white and the other black.  Both are Adepts, yet they are opposites.  Despite this, they are one.  Both are true Masters, one is a Master of the White Lodge, and the other of the Black Lodge.

Many Initiates achieve the creation of their Superior existential bodies of the Being, yet they fail because they do not dissolve the psychological “I.”

These Initiates cannot celebrate the Nativity in their hearts; they cannot achieve the incarnation of their Being in spite of possessing the superior existential bodies.  Thus, they convert themselves into hasnamussen with a double center of gravity.

If deep realization of the Self is what we truly want, then it is necessary to comprehend the necessity of working with the three factors of the revolution of the Consciousness.

If any of the three factors of the revolution of the Consciousness are excluded, then the outcome of this procedure is failure.

Behold the three factors of the revolution of the Consciousness:  To be born, to die, and to sacrifice ourselves for humanity.

Sexual magic, dissolution of the “I,” charity: This is the triple path of the righteous life.

Some Gnostic students have written to us, asking for a didactic in order to dissolve the “I.”

The best didactic for the dissolution of the “I” is found in practical life that is intensely lived.

Conviviality is a marvellous full-length mirror where the “I” can be contemplated in its entirety.

The defects which are hidden in the bottom of our subconsciousness spontaneously emerge when we are in relationship with our fellow man.  The defects burst out from us because our subconsciousness betrays us, and if we are in the state of alert perception, then we see them, just as they are in themselves.

The greatest joy for the Gnostic is to celebrate the discovery of some of his defects.

A discovered defect becomes a dead defect.  When we discover any defect, then we should see it in action, as when one is seeing a movie, yet without judging or condemning it.

To intellectually comprehend the discovered defect is not enough. It is necessary to submerge ourselves into profound interior meditation, in order to comprehend the defect in other levels of our mind.

The mind has many levels and profundities. If we have not comprehended a defect in all the levels of the mind, then we have done nothing, because the defect continues existing as a tempting demon in the bottom of our own subconsciousness.

When a defect is integrally comprehended in all the levels of the mind, then it is disintegrated along with the small “I” which characterizes it.  Thus, the defect is reduced to cosmic dust in the suprasensible worlds.

This is how we die from moment to moment.  This is how we establish a Permanent Center of Consciousness, a Permanent Center of Gravity within ourselves.

The Buddhata, the interior Buddhist principle, the psychic material or the prime matter in order to build that which is called soul, exists within every human being who is not in an extreme state of degeneration.

The pluralized “I” stupidly wastes such psychic material in absurd atomic explosions of envy, greed, hatred, fornication, attachment, vanity, etc.

This psychic material is accumulated within ourselves in accordance with the death of the pluralized “I,” from moment to moment.  Thus, we attain a Permanent Center of Consciousness.

This is how we individualize ourselves little by little.  When we rid ourselves of ego, then we become individualized.

However, we clarify that individuality is not everything, because we have to pass into the Supra-individuality when experiencing the event of Bethlehem.

The work of the dissolution of the “I” is something very serious.  We need to profoundly study ourselves in all of the levels of the mind, because the “I” is a book of many volumes.

We need to study our thoughts, emotions, and actions from moment to moment, without justifying them or condemning them.  We need to integrally comprehend all and every one of our defects in all of the profundities of the mind.

The pluralized “I” is the subconsciousness.  When we dissolve the “I,” the subconsciousness is transformed into consciousness.

We need to convert the subconsciousness into consciousness and this is only possible by achieving the annihilation of the “I.”

Continuous Awakened Consciousness is acquired when our consciousness occupies the place of the subconsciousness.

Whosoever enjoys Continuous Consciousness lives conscious each and every instant, not only in the physical world, but also in the superior worlds.

This present humanity is ninety-seven percent in the subconscious.  Therefore, this humanity profoundly sleeps, not only in this physical world, but also in the supra-sensible worlds during the sleep of the physical body, as well as after death.

We need the death of our “I.”  We need to die from moment to moment, here and now, not only in this physical world, but also in all of the planes of the Cosmic Mind.

We need to be pitiless against ourselves in order to dissect the “I” with the tremendous scalpel of self-criticism.