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The Jinn States

“As above, so below.” The infinitely small is analogous to the infinitely great. An atom is a complete, tiny solar system.

The heavenly Jerusalem exists in the macrocosm. The heavenly Jerusalem also exists within the microcosmic human being.

There will be a new heaven and a new earth. This will be the future new, heavenly Jerusalem of the macrocosm.

When a human being is Christified, then he becomes transformed into the new heavenly Jerusalem of the microcosm. “As above, so below.” This is the law.

The new Jerusalem, in the macrocosm as well as in the microcosm, descends from the superior worlds and is filled with terribly divine powers.

The new Jerusalem, either in the future planet earth or in the planetary human being, is illuminated by the immolated Lamb.

In the macrocosm, the purified planet of the future, as well as its internal bodies, will be the heavenly Jerusalem of the future.

The Christified body of the human being with his Christified internal bodies constitute the heavenly Jerusalem of the microcosmic human being.

Everything that happens in the heavenly Jerusalem of the macrocosm is repeated within the heavenly Jerusalem of the microcosmic human being. “As above, so below.”

The Christified souls will abide in the future heavenly Jerusalem of the planet earth. Only the Christified soul of the initiate abides in the heavenly Jerusalem of the human body.

The physical body of an initiate is the heavenly Jerusalem of the microcosm. This Christified body is filled with terrific powers.

The eight major powers of the mystic are the following:

  • Anima: the power to reduce the size of the physical body to the size of an atom.
  • Mahima: the power to enlarge the physical body to the point of touching the sun and the moon with the hand.
  • Laghima: the power to decrease the weight of the physical body to that of a feather. We can float in the air with the physical body, thanks to this power.
  • Garima: the power to willingly increase the weight of the physical body to that of a mountain.
  • Prapti: the power of prophecy, the power of clairvoyance, the sacred ear, psychometry, telepathy and intuition, the power of understanding the language of the animals. Apollonius of Tyana and Saint Francis of Assisi were able to communicate with animals of the forest.
  • Prakamya: the power that permits the mystic to submerge within the waters and to live submerged in the waters without receiving any harm. The great Guru-deva Sivananda told us of the case of the Swami Trillinga of Benares (India), who was accustomed to live six months of the year submerged within the waters of the river Ganges.
  • Vashitvam: the power with which the mystic can dominate the wildest animals; also the power to pronounce words which enchant and quiet poisonous serpents.
  • Ishitvam: the power that permits the saint to resurrect the dead. Whosoever reaches this height is a liberated one, a lord of the living and of the dead.

Everyone who walks on the path of Christification must develop these eight powers.

These powers of the heavenly Jerusalem are conquered with internal meditation, with the condition of absolute chastity.

When the human body is converted into the heavenly Jerusalem, then it becomes a marvelous Christic body.


  1. With tranquility, the mystic must lie down on a bed.
  2. Ask the Lamb for the assistance of an angel that specializes in the “Jinn” science.
  3. The mystic must beseech the angel and the immolated Lamb to be taken with the physical body into the superior worlds.
  4. We, the brothers and sisters of the temple, advise you to invoke the angel Harpocrates who is a specialist in the “Jinn” science. Beg the Lamb, beseech him to send the angel Harpocrates to you.
  5. Release all thoughts from your mind; clear your mind. It is necessary for you to place your mind in quietude and tranquility.
  6. You must provoke sleep. Let yourself fall asleep without thoughts.
  7. While conserving your sleep like a precious treasure, rise from your bed and leave your bedroom.

If the practice has been performed well, then your body will enter the “Jinn” state, meaning that it will submerge within the supra-sensible worlds.

A body in the “Jinn” state can float in the air (Laghima) or be submerged within the waters (Prakamya), or pass through fire without being burned, or be reduced to the size of an atom (Anima), or be enlarged to the point of touching the sun or the moon with the hand (Mahima).

A body submerged within the supra-sensible worlds is submitted to the laws of those worlds. Then, this body is plastic and elastic, so it can change form, decrease its weight (Laghima), or increase its weight (Garima) willingly.

The Yogi of Benares was able to submerge himself within the waters for six months because he was first placing his body in the “Jinn” state.

Some devotees who were practicing meditation in order to place the physical body in “Jinn” state were feeling the sensation of being enlarged or inflated like a balloon. If those devotees would have risen from their beds in those moments when they were feeling that sensation, then they would have had the joy of entering into the “Jinn” state.

When Jesus was walking upon the waters of the Sea of Galilee, he had his body in the state of “Jinn.”

Peter was able to liberate himself from chains and to leave prison, thanks to the assistance of an angel who helped him place his body in the state of “Jinn.”

The heavenly Jerusalem of the microcosmic human being is filled with formidable divine powers.

With internal meditation you will develop the eight great mystical powers, and then you will become a living model of the future heavenly Jerusalem.

A great deal of patience and many years of practice are needed in order to educate, develop, and completely strengthen the eight great mystical powers.

The devotees must be patient with these practices of “Jinn.” To persevere days, months, and years is necessary, until educing, developing, and totally strengthening the eight great mystical powers.

We are able to work with nature while in the “Jinn” state, with the powers of the seven churches.

To have faith, tenacity, patience, chastity, charity, and supreme love for humanity is necessary. All of these virtues are indispensable. Thus, this is how you will obtain the development of the eight great mystical powers of your own heavenly Jerusalem.

These eight great mystical powers belong to the seven churches.

Those who become weary and who are inconsistent, and those who commit adultery with Jezebel who called herself a prophetess, will never obtain the development of the eight mystical powers of the saints.

We perform the perfect priesthood of the seven churches while we are in the “Jinn” state.

Every human being who is Christified becomes a living exponent, a living example, of the future Jerusalem.

When they have been Christified and stigmatized all of the internal vehicles of the human being shine with the glory of the Lamb. Really, this is the holy tabernacle of God and human beings.

The Lord dwells within his holy tabernacle. This is the heavenly Jerusalem endowed with terribly divine powers.

The Sun and the Moon do not need to shine upon the heavenly Jerusalem because the immaculate clarity of the eternal one illuminates it and the Lamb is its light.

The holy eight is the sign of infinity. The two witnesses of the Apocalypse are entwined around the spinal medulla, thus they form the holy eight.

All of the mystical powers of the heavenly Jerusalem emanate from this holy eight. Now the devotees can better comprehend why we speak of eight mystical, ineffable powers.

“And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four (144) cubits, according to the measure of a man, that is of the angel.” —Revelation 21:17

1 + 4 + 4 = 9. It is necessary to descend into the Ninth Sphere (sex) in order to work with water and the fire. This is the source of worlds, beasts, human beings, and gods. Every authentic white initiation begins here.

The Son of Man is born from the water and the fire.

“And he that talked with me had a golden reed to measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall thereof..” —Revelation 21:15

This golden reed is the spinal medulla.

The seven degrees of the power of the fire rise through the spinal medulla. Grasp your reed strongly so that you can perform the priesthood of the saints.

You can become citizens of the future Jerusalem with anticipation. Just as the birds enjoy the breaking of the dawn in the east and fill the forest with the sweet sounds of their touching songs, as well, the dawn of the eternal one shines with living examples of the new Jerusalem, before the future ineffable Jerusalem.

Let your internal powers be developed. Do not covet powers. Do not wish for powers. Cultivate your lotus flowers with disinterested love. Cultivate your precious and delicate internal garden just as the poor gardener cultivates his garden.

When your lotus flowers begin to shine, remember that all of your powers are nothing but miserable candlelights that shine like glow worms before the resplendent sun who is your immolated Lamb.

You are not the master; you are only the sinning shadow of he who has never sinned. Remember that only your internal Lamb is the master.

Remember that even though your internal God is a hierarch of fire, you, poor slug, are only a human being, and as a human being you will always be judged.

Your internal Lamb could be a planetary god, but you, poor slug of the mud, do not forget, always remember, that you are only the shadow of your God. Poor sinning shadow...!

Do not say “I am this god” or “I am that master,” because you are only a shadow that must resolve to die and be slaughtered in order not to serve as an obstacle for your internal God.

It is necessary for you to reach supreme humbleness.