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Tiphereth is the groom of the bride; it is the Superior Manas of Eastern Theosophy; it is none other than the Human Soul, the causal body. It is that Soul who suffers and gives that very human part onto us.

We must distinguish between what the Human Soul is and what Tiphereth is in itself. It is very easy to mistake Tiphereth with the causal body. The causal body becomes the vehicle of Tiphereth.

Some Kabbalists presume that Tiphereth, the world of the Human Soul, or properly called the world of the Son of Man, is governed by the Sun. Really, this is not so, because it is governed by Venus. This is why Christ is crucified on Holy Friday, and this is something that we must meditate upon.

The wedding of Guinevere, the divine Amazon, the Divine Soul, to the knight, who is the Human Soul, is a marvellous event within which we experience a radical transformation. This is because Buddhi is like a fine and transparent glass of alabaster within which the flame of Prajna (the Being) is burning.

Esoteric Hindu texts constantly mention the famous trimurti Atman-Buddhi-Manas. This trimurti is the Innermost with his two souls, the feminine Spiritual Soul and the masculine Human Soul.

The source and foundation of High Magic is found in the perfect betrothal of Buddhi-Manas within the purely spiritual regions or in the terrestrial world.

The initiatic colleges teach with complete clarity that the beautiful Helen is Buddhi, the Spiritual Soul of the sixth Venustic Initiation, the feminine Shakti potential of the internal Being. The beautiful Helen of Troy is the same Helen in the Faust of Goethe.

Helen clearly signifies the betrothal of Nous (Atman-Buddhi) with Manas (the Human Soul), a union through which consciousness and willpower are combined. Therefore, both souls are bestowed with divine powers as a result of such a union.

The essence of Atman, who is the primordial, universal and eternal divine fire, is found within Buddhi, who in complete conjunction with Manas determines “the masculine-feminine.”

She and He, Buddhi and Manas, are the twin souls within us (even when the intellectual animal still does not have them incarnated). They are the two adored children of Atman. They are the eternal bride and groom who are always in love.

The eternal lady, the Spiritual Soul, always demands from her knight, the Human Soul, all types of outrageous sacrifices and prodigies of courage.

Fortunate will be the knight that after the hard battle will celebrate his betrothal with Guinevere, the queen of the “Jinn knights”!

The intellectual animal, mistakenly called “man,” has incarnated within himself a fraction of the Human Soul. That fraction of soul is denominated “Essence.” In Japanese Zen, it is simply named “Buddhata” [buddhadatu], which is the psychic material with which we can and must build the Golden Embryo (see the book The Mystery of the Golden Blossom.)

Lamentably, the Essence dreams, lying within that variegated and grotesque conjunction of submerged and tenebrous entities which constitute the ego, the myself, the itself. Nonetheless, such Essence is the raw matter needed in order to build soul. This concept still has not been very well understood by our Gnostic students.

The Chinese Tao clearly teaches that the Essence, which is bottled up within all of these conjunctions of devil-I’s which constitute the ego, has to pass through incessant alchemical transformations in the Ninth Sphere before converting itself into the “Seminal Pearl.”

The Seminal Pearl is developed by means of Sexual Magic and the formidable work with the lance of Longinus (with which we convert the animal ego into cosmic dust), in order to be converted into the Auric Embryo.

The marvellous reflex of the sexual energy in a form of a luminous whirlwind, like when a ray of light returns after crashing against a wall, comes to crystallize within ourselves as the Auric Flower. Thus, this establishes within the neophyte a permanent center of consciousness.

The Auric Embryo dressed with the wedding garment of the soul truly experiences a supreme joy in the moment in which it is fused with the Human Soul. From that moment, it can be said that we are human beings with soul, sacred individuals, truly responsible people in the most complete sense of the word.

All of the experiences of life are found contained within the Auric Embryo. That is why it is clear that the Auric Embryo originates deep transformations within the pneumatic immortal principles of the human being. This is how we convert ourselves into adepts of the White Brotherhood.

The world of Tiphereth is the world of willpower. In that world only the will of the Father is done, done on earth as it is in heaven.

It is a world which is beyond the mind. It is of an intense electric blue color; many other colors exist, but the fundamental one is blue.

One finds in this world of natural causes many Bodhisattvas who work under the direction of their real Being.

Music and sound prime within this world; whosoever reaches the Fifth Initiation of the Fire becomes an adept and has the right to enter into the world of music. Here we find the temple of the Music of the Spheres. One of the guardians of that temple is a great master who, when he was alive in the physical world, was called Beethoven. He is a great initiate; his nine symphonies are marvellous.

Everyone who reaches this region has to learn the fundamental notions of music, because music is the Verb. In that sublime region, the Music of the Spheres is heard. It is based on the three compasses of mahavan and chotavan, which keep the universe in its rhythm, and its march is perfect, for there cannot be an error in this music.

Within the region of Tiphereth, the Cloth of Veronica is found, which signifies “Christic willpower,” meaning one has to perform the will of the Father.

To obtain conscious will is impossible without working in the Ninth Sphere. Many places exist where people are submitted to tremendous tortures in order to acquire conscious will, but really they only store some energy.

The true fakir has his guru and he does not leave India. The fakirs acquire many powers but nothing else. Some of them raise an arm and they do not lower it ever again. The arm becomes withered. They pursue willpower with such actions, but their willpower does not pass beyond such action. They do not achieve the building of the body of conscious will. All of this miraculous stuff deviates people; therefore, the fakirs are deviated.

Once the body of conscious will is built, one becomes a Twice-born.