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The Ain

Abstract space is the causa causorum of everything which is, has been, and will be.

The profound and joyous space is certainly the incomprehensible “Seity” that is the ineffable mystic root of the seven cosmoses. It is the mysterious origin of all of that which we know as Spirit, matter, universes, suns, worlds, etc.

“That,” the Divine, the space of happiness, is a tremendous reality beyond the universe and the gods. “That” does not have any dimension, and truly It is what always will be and has been. It is the life which intensely palpitates within each atom and within each sun.

Let us now talk about the “Ocean of the Spirit.” How can It be defined?

Certainly, the Ocean of the Spirit is Brahma, which is the first difference or modification of “That,” before which gods and human beings tremble.

Is “That” Spirit? Truly I tell you that It is not. Is “That” matter? Certainly I tell you that It is not.

“That” is the root of Spirit and of matter, but It is neither Spirit nor matter.

“That” overcomes the laws of number, measurement, and weight, side by side, quantity, quality, front, back, above, below, etc.

“That” is the immutable in profound divine abstraction. Light which has never been created by any God, neither by any human being. “That” has no name.

Brahma is Spirit, but “That” is not Spirit. Ain the Unmanifested is Uncreated Light.

The Absolute is life free in its motion; it is the supreme reality, the abstract space that only expresses itself as absolute abstract motion, happiness without limits, complete omniscience. The Absolute is Uncreated Light and perfect plenitude, absolute happiness, life free in its motion, life without conditions, without limits.

Within the Absolute we pass beyond Karma and the gods, far beyond the Law, beyond the mind, and the individual consciousness which only serves for mortifying our life. Within the Absolute we have neither an individual mind nor individual consciousness. “There,” we are the free and absolutely happy unconditioned Being.

The Absolute is life free in its motion, without conditions, without limitations, without a mortifying fear towards the Law. It is life beyond the Spirit and matter, beyond Karma and pain.

The Absolute is absolute abstract space, absolute abstract motion, absolute liberty without conditions, without reserves, absolute omniscience, and absolute happiness.

We have to terminate the process of the “I” in order to enter into the Absolute. The human “I” must enter into the house of the dead, must go to the common grave of the astral rubbish. The “I” must be disintegrated in the abyss in order for the Being, full of majesty and power, to be born.

Only impersonal life and the Being can give us the legitimate happiness of the Great Life free in its motion.

To struggle, to fight, to suffer, and to be free in the end, in order to get lost as a drop within the ocean of Uncreated Light, is certainly the best longing.

One needs to be prepared within the region of Atala before entering into the Absolute. In Atala, the Beings are uncolored. A certain man who could not enter into the Absolute lives there, due to the fact that he invented the two words “good” and “evil” instead of using the words evolutionary and devolutionary. This man created a type of Karma because humanity has been damaged with the two words “good” and “evil.” In everything, we say, “this is good,” or “this is evil,” so humanity is stagnant in all of that which attracts them to the studies of internal values. This is why this holy man is waiting.

We have to help people in order for them to exchange the two words “good” and “evil” for evolutionary and devolutionary.

Within the bosom of the Absolute exists the Paramarthasattyas in great exaltation; they become exalted little by little until they pass beyond all possible comprehension.