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Arcanum 22

The Twenty-second Arcanum is the Crown of Life, the return into Light, the incarnation of truth in us.

The Apocalypse states, “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.” [Revelation 2:10] Undoubtedly, this deserves to be profoundly studied. Let us remember the crown of the saints. In the pineal gland exists the church of Laodicea. During the time of the Hyperboreans, a virgin with the name of Laodicea existed. She carried offerings to Delos, or Delphi, of ancient Greece.

This arcanum represents a crown that has many radiations. This is the chakra Sahasrara, situated in the pineal gland. When the sacred fire of Kundalini reaches the pineal gland, the lotus of a thousand petals is put into motion.

Delving with more profundity, we must know that the Mother Kundalini has to be betrothed with the Holy Spirit in the pineal gland. The Holy Spirit is the Third Logos or Vulcan of Greek mythology. He is the Tibetan Maha-Chohan. Kundalini develops, evolves and progresses within the aura of the Maha-Chohan. Therefore, in the pineal gland is where the sacred tattva of Shiva-Shakti—in other words the Divine Mother Kundalini and the Third Logos—intensely vibrates (the tattva is a vibration of the ether).

Absolute sanctity cannot be achieved until the three traitors that assassinated Hiram Abiff, the master builder of the temple of Solomon, are completely terminated.

  • Sebal: demon of desire (Apopi, Judas)
  • Ortelut: demon of the mind
    Hai, Pilate)
  • Stokin: demon of evil will (Nebt, Caiaphas)

To stop being demons is the objective of our studies.

1. Judas is the demon of desire. He is a terribly perverse demon. Everybody possesses him, therefore all of us are demons and only the initiatic mysteries can show us how we can stop being demons. We have to start recognizing that we are demons.

2. Pilate is the demon of the mind. This demon always washes his hands and will always do it.

3. Caiaphas is the demon of evil will. The initiate who does not do the will of the Father is disobedient. One must perform the will of the Father here and in the internal worlds.

Those who are asleep must do the will of the Father. The will of the Father must be done if there is:

  • Upright Thought
  • Upright Feeling
  • Upright Action

If we do something wrong, it is not the will of the Father.

In conclusion, we have to totally eliminate all subjective elements. None must remain within, and one must remain with pure Spirit like Gautama the Buddha. This is why he is called the Great Illuminated One. In order to reach this state, one has to pay, and the price of this is our own life.

The vanities of the world must be forgotten, and we must dedicate ourselves to the Great Work, to work, to work, to work, until it is attained.

This is not a matter of evolution or devolution, which are merely two cosmic laws of Nature. One must build the solar bodies and dissolve the ego. I have spoken to you from my direct experiences, not from theories. I know the Egyptian mysteries, the Tibetan mysteries, the mysteries of the Hyperboreans, and the mysteries of Lemuria, for I was reincarnated in the continent Mu. If the path is explained, it is in order for it to be followed. The teachings can be given only with proficiency.


- Samael Aun Weor, the authentic and legitimate avatar of the new era of Aquarius, declares that all of the sciences of the universe are reduced to Kabbalah and Alchemy.

- Whosoever wants to be a magician must be an alchemist and a kabbalist.

- There are black magicians who teach their disciples negative Sexual Magic in which they ejaculate the seminal liquor.

- These phallic cults were practiced by the perverse black magicians from Cananea, the sorcerers from Cartago, Tyre, and Sidon. These phallic cults were practiced by the Lemurian-Atlantean black magicians in order to ingratiate themselves with the demons.

- Those cities were reduced to dust and all of these perverse ones entered the abyss.

- When a man spills the semen, he collects from the internal worlds millions of demonic atoms that infect his Brahmanic cord; this sinks him in his own atomic infernos (the same happens to a woman who reaches the orgasm).

- The three breaths of pure Akasha are reinforced with Sexual Magic.

- Nonetheless, if a person ejaculates the semen (reaches the orgasm), these three breaths will make the Kundalini descend downwards towards the atomic infernos of the human being. This is the tail of Satan.

- The disciple must not even spill a single drop of semen.

- Here I deliver unto humanity the key to all the empires of heaven and earth, because I do not want to see this anthill-like humanity suffer anymore.