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Arcana 11 and 12

It is clear and evident that the trunks or tablets of the law where the Prophet Moses wisely wrote the ten commandments by command of Jehovah are indeed none other than a double Runic lance, whose phallic significance is widely documented.

It is not irrelevant to emphasize the transcendental idea that two more commandments exist in Mosaic esotericism. I want to refer to the Eleventh and Twelfth Commandments, which are intimately related with the Eleventh and Twelfth Arcana of Kabbalah.

The Eleventh Commandment has its classical expression in the Sanskrit Dharmam Chara: Do thy duty. Remember, dear reader, that you have the upright duty of searching for the straight, narrow, and difficult path that leads to the Light.

The Eleventh Arcanum of the Tarot illuminates that upright duty. The marvellous force that can dominate and hold the lions of adversity is essentially spiritual. That is why this force is represented by a beautiful woman who, without any apparent effort, opens with her delicate hands the terrible mouth of Leo, the frightful cougar, the furious lion.

The Eleventh Commandment is related to and joined with the Twelfth Commandment of the Law of God, illustrated by the Twelfth Arcanum: Make thy light shine!

In order for the Light, which constitutes the Essence that is bottled up within the ego, to really shine and glow, the Essence must be liberated. This is only possible through the Buddhist annihilation, by dissolving the ego.

We need to die from moment to moment, from instant to instant. Only with the death of the ego comes the new.

Thus, as life represents a process of gradual and always more complete exteriorization, or extroversion, likewise the death of the ego is but a process of gradual introversion, in which the individual consciousness or Essence is slowly divested of its worthless vestments, such as Ishtar, who in her symbolic descent remained completely naked before the great Reality of life which is free in its movements.

The lance, sex, the phallus, are also included in many great plays, in numerous Oriental legends, as marvellous instruments of liberation and salvation, that when wisely wielded by the eager soul it permits the reduction of all those cavernicolus entities, which in their sinful conjunction constitute “the myself,” into cosmic dust.

The sexual energy is highly explosive and marvellous. Verily I say onto you that whosoever knows how to use the weapon of Eros (the lance, sex) can reduce to cosmic dust the pluralized “I.”

To pray is to converse with God, and one must learn to pray during coitus. In those instances of supreme enjoyment, ask and it will be granted unto you, knock and it will be opened unto you.

Whosoever puts their heart into the prayer and begs their Divine Mother Kundalini in order for her to grasp the weapon of Eros, they will obtain the best results because the Divine Mother will then help by destroying their ego.

A previous condition to every elimination is the integral comprehension of the defect that one wants to eliminate.