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The Three Factors

The three factors of the revolution of the consciousness are:

  1. To be born
  2. To die
  3. Sacrifice for humanity

By all means, if Christ is not born within us, it is impossible to celebrate the Nativity of the heart. Whosoever wants to jubilantly celebrate the Nativity of the heart must build the superior, existential bodies of the Being. We can incarnate the intimate Christ only by creating the superior, existential bodies of the Being.

We already stated in all of our former messages that the present internal bodies—mentioned by the pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools—are useless for the realization of our inner Self, because they are lunar bodies.

We urgently need to build the Solar Bodies—the superior, existential bodies of the Being—and the creation of these Solar Bodies is only possible by practicing the Maithuna (Sexual Magic) with the objective of transmuting the famous Sexual Hydrogen Ti-12. We can only build the superior, existential bodies of the Being with Sexual Hydrogen Ti-12.

It is totally impossible to incarnate the Being if we do not possess the Solar Bodies, if we did not build them by means of Maithuna (Sexual Magic). We have already given the clue of Maithuna many times, yet for those who do not know it we must repeat it in this 1965-1966 Message: the sexual connection of the lingam-yoni, without ever spilling the Ens Seminis during our entire life.

In past messages we have greatly clarified this; we have also said plenty about the necessity of knowing how to die. Mystical death—the death of “I,” of the myself, of the self-willed—is urgent. We have explained to satiation that the “I” is a legion of devils. It is urgent to disintegrate that “I,” to reduce it to dust, with the single purpose that within us will be only the Being. It is clear that in order to disintegrate the “I,” a revolutionary ethics based on psychology is necessary. We have taught such ethics, we we have taught such psychology. The dissolution of the “I” is a radical, total, and definitive revolution.

The third basic factor of the revolution of the consciousness consists of sacrificing oneself for humanity, of showing the way to others. This is charity very well understood; this is love.

We have greatly explained and we have said much in our former messages about the three basic factors of the revolution of the consciousness, yet people are lukewarm, so Christ said:

“So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth." – Revelation 3:16

Each pseudo-occultist and pseudo-esotericist reacts to the three factors of our Fifth Gospel according to their age, mental conditioning, prejudices, passions, weaknesses, etc.

The people full of sexual power prefer to begin the work with the Maithuna, but put in oblivion the death of the “I” and the sacrifice for humanity.

The wretched, decrepit old men and women, as well as the impotent and sick, prefer to begin the work with the dissolution of the “I,” but they commit the mistake of confusing our revolutionary ethics with that false, lukewarm, subjective, insipid, incoherent, and absurd morality, so postured by all the little brothers of the different pseudo-esoteriscist and pseudo-occultist schools.

Finally, there are some little brothers and sisters from those cited schools who prefer to begin their work by sacrificing themselves for humanity, by doing something for their fellowmen, yet they commit the mistake of forgetting the dissolution of the “I” and the Maithuna.

There are also very many cases of sexually potent people, full of life, who prefer to begin their work with the dissolution of “I,” but who are not revolutionary; they want to dissolve their “I” with the false morality of pinheads, with that previously mentioned old-fashioned morality that is abundant amongst the little brothers of all of those pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult schools. In general, these people usually state with a certain self-righteousness: “What we need first is to be moral, because without morality there is nothing. Everything else can come later.” Thus, this is how they escape, they flee, in order to take refuge in that heavy and horrible inertia of false morality.

It is clear that all of those people inevitably fail. Even if they had millions of lives in this world, at the end they would stop physical births in order to enter into the mineral kingdom. The abyss is full of sincere but mistaken people, filled with very good intentions.

It is correct for old and impotent people to postpone the Maithuna for their future life and to begin their work with the dissolution of their “I,” yet it is not correct to want to dissolve their “I” based on sanctimoniousness.

It is correct that people full of sexual potency begin right now to work with the Maithuna in order to build their solar bodies, but is not correct for these people to not worry about the dissolution of their “I,” nor about sacrifice for humanity.

It is correct that we sacrifice ourselves for humanity, but is not correct to forget the dissolution of the “I” and the creation of the superior, existential bodies of the Being. The inner realization of the Self is only possible by working with the three basic factors of the revolution of the consciousness.

By conscious use of the energy that pulses within us, we can open our spiritual eyes and ears to the creative power of sound.

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