Final Note

Magnificat anima mea!

Your destiny, dear reader, would never be like other mortals if, after having thoroughly studied this book, you would practice the methods or systems taught here for the awakening of the consciousness.

I could go, in effect — in order to enhance the value of what I have written in these pages — to the well known medieval writings, which are found here, there and everywhere according to those old literary records.

I could go to the expedient of the divine Plato, who put in the mouth of Socrates what the priest of Sais once narrated to Solon in the Nile’s delta.

I could appeal, in short, to other esoteric sources proper to the narrations more or less historical in order to give more esoteric data, without breaking the sacred vows of initiatory secrecy in relation to the life and the portentous Gnostic deeds of Anahuac.

Yet, now, it is not urgent to add anything more to this book. I think that nine days of study, meditation, fasting, and isolation, one could directly experience the truths contained in this esoteric treatise.

“They were wary of the things of God; they had only one God;

They had him as one unique God;

They invoked him,

They made pleadings to him:

His name was Quetzalcoatl.

And they were so respectful of the things of God, that everything  told by the priest Quetzalcoatl

They accomplished it, they did not deform it.

He taught them, he inculcated them:

That one unique God,

Quetzalcoatl is his name.

He does not demand anything

but snakes, but butterflies,

which you must provide to him,

that you must sacrifice to him.” —Matritense Codex

See the universal, dualistic symbol of the serpent, its practical meaning, and its vital role in our lives, whether aiding our spiritual development or tempting us towards degeneration and suffering.

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