Authentic Cosmographic Map

The authentic cosmographic map is impressed in the human organism. The chest is our Mercury, Saturn the abdomen, the Sun and the Fior of our organism is the sexual organs.

Fair horoscopes, mathematical horoscopes, are good for pythonesses and gypsies, but not for serious men, much less for Initiates, because an authentic Initiate would never occupy himself with that “jargon.”

The planets evolve, live, and throb in our consciousness, and all the stellar motions are registered in the authentic cosmographic map of the human organism.

The twelve zodiacal doors of the same permit us to penetrate within each one of the twelve zodiacal constellations.

The stars are sustained in the cosmic consciousness, and this consciousness resides in our own selves, here and now. Therefore, we repeat, the stars are in our consciousness, not outside, and the authentic horoscope of the human being is written on the cosmographic map of our own body.

The four occult words (Varon, Intiril, Varan, Impuril) enclose the exact forecast of the eclipse that occurred on the 11th of July, 1953. This eclipse took place in our consciousness, and its exact results can only be known by those initiate astrologers who speak a sacred language and know how to read the cosmographic map.

The true astrologer must be an alchemist of the stellar rays, otherwise he could not combine the diverse substances and salts to modify the stellar rays and crystallize events in the physical world.

Only he who knows how to read the cosmographic map of the human organism can be an authentic astrologer.

The human being began his evolution in Leo and will end his evolution in Leo. The entire evolution of the human being is written on the cosmographic map of his own organism.

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