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From Geber to the enigmatic and powerful Count Cagliostro (who transmuted lead into gold and fabricated diamonds of the best quality) there existed a long series of alchemists and investigators of the Philosophical Stone (sex).

Obviously, it is quite clear that only those sages who dissolved the lunar ego and despised the vanities of this world had true success in their inquiries.

Among all of those victorious alchemists and adepts who worked in the laboratory of Sexual Alchemy, Basil Valentine, Ripley, Bacon, Honks Roger, etc. stand out.

Nicholas Flamel is still very debated; some suppose that he did not attain the difficult goal during his life since he refused to reveal his secret to the King and he ended his days locked up in the terrible Bastille. Frankly, we are convinced that Nicholas Flamel, the great Alchemist, succeeded in transmuting all the lead of his personality into the marvelous gold of the Spirit.

Trevisan, the famous Trevisan, spent his entire fortune seeking the Philosophical Stone and managed to discover the secret at the age of seventy-five, already too late. The Philosopher’s Stone is sex and the secret is the Maithuna, Sexual Magic, but the poor Trevisan, in spite of possessing a formidable intelligence, only managed to discover the secret in his old age.

Paracelsus, the disciple of Trithemius, great alchemist and doctor, knew the secret of the Philosopher’s Stone, transmuted lead into gold, and carried out surprising cures. Many suppose that Paracelsus died a violent death, by assassination or suicide, for having revealed a part of the mysteries, but the reality is that Paracelsus disappeared without anyone knowing how or why. All of us know that Paracelsus acquired that which is called the Elixir of Long Life and with that marvelous elixir he still sustains himself; he lives with the same physical body that he had in the Middle Ages.

Schroepfer and Lavater practiced certain very dangerous magical rites, which caused them to die violently without attaining in-depth Self-realization.

The famous doctor J. Dee sought the Philosophical Stone and never found it, but he was reduced to the most frightening misery.  In the final years of his life, the poor doctor (horribly degenerated with mediumship) became a toy of the inferior entities that live in the Molecular World.

Seton was imprisoned for refusing to reveal the secret of the Philosophical Stone.  Dr. Prise, of the Royal Society of London, succeeded in transmuting physical lead into material gold, but upon wanting to repeat the experiment before his colleagues, he failed and then, ashamed and desperate, he committed suicide.

Delisle, the great Delisle, for the same reasons, was imprisoned, and upon trying to escape from the horrible dungeon where he was imprisoned, was killed by the guards.

All these failures and hundreds of others reveal that true practical occultism and its tremendous magical powers demand the most frightening sanctity, without which it is impossible to face the dangers of Alchemy and magic.

To speak of sanctity in these times is something very difficult, because the world is full of stupidly sanctimonious people who presume to be saints.

The great Master of strength named Morya conversed with us in Oriental Tibet; he told us, “To become united with the Innermost is very difficult. Out of two who attempt to unite themselves with the Innermost, merely one will achieve it, because as the poet Guillermo Valencia said, among the rhythms of verse, crime is also hidden.”

Crime garbs itself as a saint, martyr, apostle. Millions of people who are fans of occultist literature presume holiness; they do not eat meat, smoke, or drink, but at home, they fight with their spouse, they beat their children, fornicate, commit adultery, they do not pay their debts, they make promises that they do not fulfill, etc.

In the physical world, many people have reached absolute chastity, but when they are subjected to the test in the internal worlds, they end up fornicating.

Many are the devotees of the path who in the physical world would never drink a cup of wine, but in the internal worlds, they are lost drunkards when subjected to the test.

Many are the devotees of the path who in the physical world are humble sheep, but subjected to the test in the internal worlds, they result in being tigers.

Many are the devotees of the path who do not covet money, but they covet psychic powers.

There are many devotees of the path in the world whose humility astonishes others; they can calmly sleep on the floor at the door of a rich man, and are content with the crumbs that fall from the master’s table, but they are proud of possessing many virtues or boast of their humility.

Many people have aspired to sanctity when they found out that authentic cases of true saints do exist.  Many are those who envy the holiness of others and due to this also want to be saints.

Many individuals do not work in the dissolution of the lunar ego because of pure mental laziness.

Innumerable aspirants of the Light eat three banquets daily; they are terribly gluttonous.

Many do not murmur with their lips, but they murmur with their mind, and yet they believe that they never murmur.

Rare are the aspirants who know how to obey the Father who is in secret.

Wanting to tell the truth, almost all students of occultism lie; they have a deceitful tongue. They affirm what they have not experienced and that is a lie.

Nowadays, it is very common to bear false witness and many students of occultism do so without knowing that they are commiting a crime.

Vanity also dresses in rags and many are the aspirants who dress poorly and walk down the streets in total untidiness, but vanity can also be seen through the holes of their clothes.

Innumerable aspirants have not been able to abandon self-esteem; they love themselves too much and they suffer the unutterable when someone snubs them.

A multitude of aspirants are full of evil thoughts. They have not been able to control their mind, and yet they believe that they are doing very well.

Innumerable pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists, if they are not avaricious with money, are then avaricious with the teachings. They have not been able to transcend avarice.

Thousands of aspirants carry worldliness within themselves, even when they never attend a dance or a party.

Many devotees of the path have not been able to abandon stealing.  They steal books, they go into esoteric schools to steal something, even when it is theories, secrets; they fake loyalty while they fulfill their job of stealing and then they do not return.

Innumerable devotees say bad words. Some only pronounce them mentally, even when their lips speak sweetness.

Many virtuous people are cruel with others. We know of a case where a virtuous man hurt a wretched person with mean phrases. The person had composed a verse for him. The unfortunate man was hungry and since he was a poet, he composed a verse for the virtuous man with the purpose of obtaining a coin.  The response was serious: presuming of modesty and humility, the virtuous man insulted the hungry man.

A multitude of aspirants to the Light are offended and cruelly humiliated by the preceptors of certain schools.

Many are the persons who would be capable of everything in life except killing someone, but they kill with their ironies, with their evil actions, with wounding laughter, with a harsh word.

Many are the husbands who have killed their wives with their evil actions, with their bad conduct, with their horrible jealousies, ingratitude, etc.

Many are the wives who have killed their husbands with their bad character, with stupid jealousies, with their inconsiderate demands, etc.

We should not forget that every illness has psychic causes.  Insults, irony, thunderous and offensive laughter, evil words, serve to cause harm, illnesses, assassinations, etc.  Many parents would have lived a little longer if their children had allowed them to.

Almost all human beings have matricides, parricides, fratricides, uxoricides, etc., within them.

Pity is lacking in students of occultism; they are incapable of sacrificing themselves for their fellowmen who suffer and cry.

There is no true charity within the thousands of aspirants; they presume that they are charitable, but when we call on them to struggle for a new social order, they flee terrified or justify themselves, saying that the law of Karma and evolution will resolve everything.

Cruel, merciless, are the aspirants to the Light; they say that they love but they do not. They preach charity, but do not practice it.

The sign of Sagittarius invites us to reflect upon all of this.  Sagittarius is symbolized by a centaur (half-man, half-horse) who holds an arrow in one hand.

The horse represents the animal ego, the pluralized “I,” garbed with it’s lunar bodies.

The “I” is not something individual; the “I” does not have any individuality.  The “I” is plural. The lunar ego is constituted by a sum of small “I’s.”  Each psychological defect is personified by a small “I.”  The entirety of all of our defects is represented by the pluralized “I.”

The most serious problem that everyone who attains the Second Birth has to solve is that of the dissolution of the lunar ego.

The newly born Master is garbed with his Solar Bodies, but his ego is garbed with the lunar bodies.

Two paths open before the newly born Master, that of the right and that of the left.

On the path of the right tread those Masters who work upon the dissolution of the lunar ego. On the path of the left tread those who do not concern themselves with the dissolution of the lunar ego.

The Masters who do not dissolve the lunar ego become hasnamussen.  A hasnamuss is a subject with a double center of gravity.

The Master garbed with his Solar Bodies, and the lunar ego garbed with its lunar vehicles, constitute a double personality, a hasnamuss.

The hasnamuss is one half angel and one half beast, like the centaur of Sagittarius.

The hasnamuss has two inner personalities, one of an angel, and the other of a demon.

The hasnamuss is an abortion of the Cosmic Mother, a failure.  If the Gnostic student dissolves the lunar ego before the Second Birth, he is completely cured. He solves his problem ahead of time, and secures his success.

Whosoever invokes Andrameleck in the internal worlds will have the most tremendous surprise, because either the demon Andrameleck or Andrameleck, the Master of the White Lodge, can attend.  This person is a hasnamuss with a double center of gravity.

The dissolution of the lunar ego is fundamental in the Great Work.  Those who attain the Second Birth feel the necessity of eliminating the lunar bodies, but this is not possible without first having dissolved the lunar ego.

The Twice-born become stagnant in their inner progress when they lack love.

Everyone who forgets his Divine Mother becomes stagnant in his progress.  A lack of love exists when we commit the error of forgetting our Divine Mother.

It is impossible to eliminate all those small “I’s” that constitute the lunar ego without the help of the Divine Mother.

The comprehension of any defect is fundamental, indispensable, when one wants to eliminate the small “I” that personifies it, but the work of elimination in itself is impossible without the help of the sacred, five-legged cow.

The Divine Mother eliminates broken bottles. Each small “I” is a bottle within which a fraction of the Essence is engrossed.

This means that the Essence, the Buddhata, the Soul or fraction of the Human Soul that every intellectual animal has, has become thousands of fragments, which are bottled up.

For example: anger is represented by hundreds or thousands of “I’s.” Each is a bottle within which the Essence is engrossed.  To each bottle corresponds a fraction of the Essence. All those bottles of anger, all those “I’s,” live in each of the forty-nine departments or regions of the subconsciousness. Comprehension of anger within any subconscious department breaks the bottle; then, the corresponding fragment of the Essence becomes free. When this happens, the Divine Mother intervenes by eliminating the broken bottle, the cadaver of a small shattered “I.”  Each cadaver no longer has the fraction of the Soul that it previously imprisoned, and this cadaver disintegrates little by little in the Infernal Worlds.

It is necessary to know that the Divine Mother only intervenes when the bottle is shattered, when the Essence enclosed within it has been liberated. If the Divine Mother was to eliminate the bottle with the little genie inside, the poor little genie, in other words, the fraction of the Soul, would also have to enter the Infernal Worlds.

When all the bottles have been broken, the Essence in its totality has been liberated and the Divine Mother dedicates herself to the elimination of the cadavers.

The comprehension of anger in twenty or thirty subconscious regions does not mean that one has comprehended it in all of the forty-nine levels.

The comprehension of anger in level three or four means the breaking, the shattering of a bottle either in level three or four. Nonetheless, many “I’s” of anger, many bottles, can continue in all the other subconscious levels.

Each defect processes itself in each of the forty-nine regions of the subconsciousness and has many roots.

Anger, covetousness, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, have thousands of bottles, thousands of small “I’s” within which the Essence is bottled up.

When the pluralized “I” is killed and eliminated, the Essence is united with the Being, with the Innermost, and the lunar bodies are eliminated during a mystical trance that lasts for three days. After the three days, the Master, garbed with his Solar Bodies, returns, comes back to his physical body.  This is the Initiatic Resurrection.

Every Resurrected Master has Solar Bodies but does not have lunar bodies.  The Resurrected Masters have powers over fire, air, water, and earth.

Resurrected Masters can transmute physical lead into physical gold.

The Resurrected Masters govern life and death. They can conserve the physical body for millions of years. They know the quadrature of the circle, and perpetual movement. They have the universal medicine and speak the very pure language of the divine tongue that flows delightfully like a golden river through a thick jungle under the sun.

Whosoever is dying from moment to moment is subjected to thousands of esoteric tests in each of the forty-nine subconscious levels of Yaldabaoth. After coming out victorious from a few levels or regions of the subconsciousness, many Initiates fail in a few levels, in certain tests related with a particular psychological defect.

The Divine Mother always helps us to comprehend when we call upon her, when we call upon the flame of the serpent.

The Divine Mother prays to the White Lodge for us, and eliminates those “I’s” that have already died one by one.

The Divine Mother, the sacred five-legged cow, is Mother Space, the Mother of the spiritual Monad who takes refuge in the wholeness of the eternal nothingness of the ineffable Father, in the Absolute Silence and the Absolute Darkness.

The reason we have our particular maternal ray, our individual Divine Mother, is precisely because She, in Herself, is the Mother of the inner Being, hidden within the Monad, one with the Monad.

If Artemis Loquia or Neiter was the Moon in the sky for the Greeks, the chaste Diana on Earth was the Divine Mother presiding over the birth and life of the child, and for the Egyptians it was Hekate in the Inferno, the Goddess of Death that reigned over spells and sacred magic.

Hekate-Diana-Luna is the Divine Mother, triune while at the same time One, in the fashion of the Hindu Trimurti: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

The Divine Mother is Isis, she is Ceres of the mysteries of Eleusis, the celestial Venus: She who in the beginning of the world originated the attraction of the opposite sexes and within the  human generations sowed eternal fecundity.

She is Proserpine of nocturnal howling, the one who, in her triple appearance—celestial, terrestrial and infernal—oppresses the terrible demons of the Averno, keeping the doors of the subterranean prisons closed and triumphantly traveling the sacred forests.

Sovereign of the stygian dwelling, She shines in the center of the darkness of Acheron, the same as on Earth and in the Elysian Fields.

Due to a certain mistake of a few sacred individuals in archaic times, the poor intellectual animal received the abominable Kundabuffer organ. That organ is the tail of Satan, the sexual fire heading downwards, towards the atomic infernos of the lunar ego.

When the intellectual animal lost the Kundabuffer organ, the evil consequences remained within each subject. These evil consequences are constituted by the pluralized “I,” the lunar ego.

On the basis of in-depth comprehension and profound inner meditation, we can and must eliminate from within ourselves (with the help of the Divine Mother) the evil consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

In other times, the human being did not want to live in this world. He had realized his tragic situation. Certain sacred individuals gave the human race the abominable Kundabuffer organ in order for him to become captivated with the beauties of this world. The result was that the human being became thrilled with the world.

When those sacred individuals removed the Kundabuffer organ from humanity, the bad consequences remained within each person.

With the help of the Divine Mother, we can eliminate the evil consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

The sign of Sagittarius with its famous centaur, half man, half beast, is something that should never be forgotten.

Sagittarius is in the house of Jupiter.  The metal of Sagittarius is tin. The stone is the blue sapphire.

In practice, we have been able to verify that natives of Sagittarius fornicate a lot and are very passionate.

Natives of Sagittarius love journeys, explorations, adventures, and sports.

Natives of Sagittarius become angry easily and then forgive.

Natives of Sagittarius are very comprehensive. They love beautiful music and possess marvelous intelligence.

Sagittarians are tenacious; just when they seem to have definitively failed, they seem to resurrect from their own ashes like the Phoenix Bird of mythology, astonishing all their friends and enemies.

The natives of Sagittarius are capable of embarking on great enterprises, even when they are surrounded by immense dangers.

The financial life of Sagittarians is sometimes very good, but Sagittarians also go through great bitterness and financial difficulties.

Lust is what harms Sagittarians the most.


Crouch in the manner of the Peruvian Guacas and place your hands on your legs, with the index fingers pointing upwards, towards the sky, in order to attract the rays of the planet Jupiter, so as to intensely magnetize the legs, the thighs. The mantra ISIS is the mantra of this exercise. Isis is the Divine Mother.

This mantra is pronounced by prolonging the sound of each of the four letters that constitute it Iiiiiiisssssssss Iiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss, divided into two syllables, IS-IS.

With this exercise one awakens clairvoyance and the power of polyvision, which permits all of us to study the Akashic records of nature, in order to get to know the history of the Earth and its races.

It is necessary to practice intensely, daily, in order to magnetize the blood in the femoral arteries.  This is how one acquires the power to study within the memory of nature.

The centaur with its two faces, one looking forward and the other backward, is indicating to us this precious faculty of clairvoyance.