Division of the Attention

Those who have studied our Gnostic teachings, those who have studied this Christmas message, if they indeed become interested in the path of the razor’s edge and the inner realization of their Being, will feel the longing to see, hear, smell, touch, and sense the great realities of the superior worlds.

Every human being can arrive to the experience of reality. Every human being has the right to great living experiences of the spirit, to know the kingdoms and nations of the molecular and electronic regions.

Every aspirant has the right to study at the feet of the Master, to enter through the splendid doors of the temples of major mysteries, to converse face to face with the glowing children of the dawn of the Mahamanvantara of creation; however, it is necessary to begin by awakening the consciousness.

It is impossible to be awakened in the superior worlds if here in this cellular, physical, material world the aspirant is asleep. Whosoever wants to awaken their consciousness in the internal worlds must awaken here and now in this dense world.

If the consciousness of the aspirant has not awakened here, in this physical world, much less it is awakened in the superior worlds.

Whosoever awakens their consciousness here and now awakens everywhere. Whosoever awakens their consciousness here in this physical world, in fact and by their own right become awakened in the superior worlds.

The first thing that is needed in order to awaken the consciousness is to know that it is asleep within us.

This matter about comprehending that one’s consciousness is asleep is something very difficult, because normally all people are absolutely convinced that they are awake. When a person comprehends that he is asleep, he then initiates the process of self-awakening.

We are asserting something that nobody accepts. If it were said to any intellectual individual that he is asleep, you can be sure that he could be offended, since people are totally convinced that they are awake.

People are asleep, dreaming, while working…. They are asleep, dreaming, while driving their cars … they are asleep, dreaming, when they get married. They are asleep, dreaming, during their life, and nevertheless, they are totally convinced that they are awake.

Whosoever wants to awaken their consciousness here and now must begin to comprehend the three subconscious factors, namely: identification, fascination, dreaming.

Any type of identification produces fascination and dreaming. I.e., you are walking on a street, when suddenly you are facing crowds lashing out in a intense, rash protest against something in front of Mr. President’s palace; if you are not in a state of alertness, you become identified with the riot, you mix with the multitudes, you become fascinated, and soon the dream comes: you shout, throw stones, you do things that in other circumstances you would not do, even for a million dollars.

To forget oneself is an error of incalculable consequences. To identify oneself with something is the breaking point of stupidity, because the outcome becomes fascination and dreaming.

It is impossible for anyone to awaken their consciousness if they forget themselves, if they become identified with something.

To awaken the consciousness is impossible for those aspirants who allow themselves to become fascinated, if they fall into a dream.

The pugilist who is crossing blows with another pugilist sleeps profoundly. They are dreaming. They are totally identified with the event. They are fascinated, and if unexpectedly they awakened their consciousness, they would look in all directions and flee immediately from the ring, totally ashamed of themselves and the honorable public.

You are traveling in any urban transportation within your city; you must get off from that urban transportation at a certain street, yet suddenly, the memory of a beloved relative comes to your mind, thus, you become identified with that memory, then fascination comes, and soon you are daydreaming… Then, suddenly you shout an exclamation, “Where am I? Damn it! … I have passed my stop many blocks away… I should have got off in a previous stop, that street.” Thus, quickly you realize that your consciousness had been absent; you then get off from that urban transportation and go back on foot to the stop where you should have gotten off.

Whosoever wants to awaken the consciousness must begin dividing the attention in three parts: subject, object, location.

  • Subject: inner remembrance of oneself from moment to moment; not to forget oneself before any representation, any event.
  • Object: not to become identified with anything, with any circumstance, to observe without becoming identified, without forgetting oneself.
  • Location: to ask oneself, what place is this? To observe the place in detail, to ask oneself: Why am I in this place?

The division of attention in three parts will lead the aspirants to the awakening of their consciousness.

To want to vividly experience the great realities of the superior worlds without having awakened the consciousness here and now is to march on the path of error.

The awakening of the consciousness originates the development of the spatial sense and the experience of reality.

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Spiritual awakening is managed by laws in nature. On every level of existence, there are basic facts that manage creation, development, decay, and death. Our consciousness or soul is no exception to these facts, and by knowing about them, we can achieve our complete development as a human being.

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