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Let us now remember that submerged primeval continent named Atlantis. In the land of the Pharaohs, ancient Egypt, the priests of Sais told the great Athenian Solon that Atlantis had been destroyed nine thousand years before they had such a conversation with him.

Our boastful modern civilization has not yet surpassed the Atlantean civilization.

The Atlanteans also knew about atomic energy and utilized it in times of peace as well as in times of war.

Atlantean science had a tremendous advantage because it was united to magic. Therefore, with that knowledge, they were able to create extraordinary mechanical robots that the Atlanteans endowed with certain types of superior elementals in order to control them. Thus, this is how these robots were in fact converted into intelligent androids, which looked like human beings and who devotedly served their masters. Any robot could inform its owner about all the dangers that were threatening him/her; in general, these robots could inform them about multiple things dealing with everyday life.

The Atlanteans had such extraordinary and marvelous machines. There was one that could telepathically transmit wonderful intellectual information into the mind of any human being.

Atomic lamps illuminated the Atlantean palaces and temples of transparent walls.

The maritime and aerial ships from that ancient submerged continent of Atlantis were propelled by nuclear energy.

Atlanteans learned how to de-gravitate bodies at will. They could levitate any given body, as heavy as it might be, with a small device that fit in the palm of a hand.

The God Neptune governed Atlantis wisely. The very sacred temple of this Holy God was dazzlingly admirable. The stockade or silver-coated walls of this temple were amazing with their remarkable beauty. All of its pinnacles and ceilings were made out of the best quality solid gold.

With all of the royal splendors of ancient times, the ivory, silver, gold, and brass radiantly glowed within the Temple of Neptune.

The gigantic sacred sculpture of the God Neptune was made completely out of pure gold. The minds of his Atlantean devotees were infused with profound veneration by the mysterious, ineffable golden statue, which was mounted on a beautiful chariot and pulled by exotic, winged steeds, with the respectable court of one hundred gleaming sea nymphs around him.

While its inhabitants remained loyal to the religion of their forefathers, fulfilling the precepts of the God Neptune and not violating law and order, the Atlantean cities flourished. Yet, when they profaned sacred things, when they abused sex, when they stained themselves with the seven capital sins, then they were punished and submerged with all of their wealth into the bottom of the ocean.

The priests of Sais said onto Solon:

All bodies moving in the heavens around the Earth suffer perturbations that determine a great conflagration of things upon the earth, which causes to recur after long intervals many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes; the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire.

The Atlantean continent extended and oriented itself towards the austral regions and the most elevated areas towards the septentrional ones. Its’ mountains exceeded in grandiosity, elevation, and quantity all those that presently exist.

The history of the Universal Flood can be found within the traditions of all human races, and are all simply recollections of the great Atlantean catastrophe.

All of the religious teachings from primeval America (such as the sacred cults of the Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs, as well as the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians, Scandinavians, Hindustanis, etc.) have Atlantean origins.

The Gods and Goddesses cited by Homer in his Iliad and Odyssey were heroes, kings, and queens of Atlantis.

America was geographically united with the Old World (Europe and Africa) through Atlantis. The ancient Indo-American civilizations have an Atlantean origin.

The religions of the Egyptians, Incas, Mayas, etc. came from the religions of the Atlanteans.

The Phoenician alphabet, father of all the famous European alphabets, has its origin in an ancient Atlantean alphabet. The latter was correctly transmitted from the Atlanteans to the Mayas. All the Egyptian and Mayan symbols and hieroglyphics come from the same Atlantean source. This is the only way that the similitude of these alphabets can be explained; indeed, the similarity is too enormous to even consider that it is an outcome of chance.

The Atlanteans had a metal more precious than gold; this was the famous “orichalcum.”

The catastrophe that finished Atlantis was frightful. Undoubtedly, the outcome of the violation of the law is always catastrophic.

The epoch of Atlantis’s submersion was indeed an era of many geological changes.

During that time, other landmasses surfaced from within the profound bosom of the immense sea to become new islands and new continents.

Some Atlantean survivors searched for refuge on the small continent of Grabontzi (present-day Africa). This continent increased in size and extension because other landmasses (which had surfaced from within neighboring seas) were added onto it.

In ancient times, the Gulf of Mexico was a beautiful valley. The Antilles Islands, Canary Islands, and Spain are pieces of the submerged Atlantis.

Today, the ancient Kolhidius Sea is known as the Caspian Sea. It was situated in the northeast of the then newly-formed continent of Ashhartk, which is present day Asia.

The coasts of the Caspian Sea were formed by those lands that had surfaced from within the ocean and joined the continent of Asia.

Asia, the Caspian Sea, and the entire block of that land, together, is presently known as the Caucasus. In those times,  that block of land was named Frianktzanarali and later on Kolhidishssi; however, in this day and age, as we already stated, it is the Caucasus.

In those times of yore, a great river that fertilized the whole rich land of Tikliamis flowed into the Caspian Sea. The river at that time was known as Oksoseria. This river still exists; however, it no longer flows into the Caspian Sea due to a secondary tremor that deviated it towards the right.

The rich volume of water from that river violently precipitated itself through the most depressed zone of the Asiatic continent, thus originating the small Aral Sea; however, the very ancient river bed of that old river, which is currently named Amu Darya, can still be seen as a sacred testimony of the flow of the centuries.

After the third great catastrophe that finished off Atlantis, all of the cities and towns of the ancient country of Tikliamis—with its formidable capital situated on the shores of that river— were covered by sand, and today remain as only a desert.

During those epochs unknown to Cesar Cantu and his “Universal History,” another beautiful country existed in

Asia, known as Marapleicie. This country traded with Tikliamis and a very strong commercial competition existed between them.

Later on, the country of Marapleicie changed its name to Gobland due to the great city of Gob.

Gobland and its powerful city were swallowed up by the sands of the desert. So, within the sands of the Gobi desert many valuable Atlantean treasures are hidden, as well as powerful machines that are unknown by the populaces of this Aryan Root Race.

Once in a while, the sands leave all of those treasures exposed, yet nobody dares to touch them because the one who tries is instantaneously killed by the gnomes who guard them. Only the human beings of the future Koradi—the sixth great Root Race who will inhabit this planet Earth—will know of these treasures, based upon the condition that they behave uprightly.

Many pearl traders from Atlantis were saved by taking refuge in Pearland, a country that is known in this day and age as India.

The students of occultism fill themselves with infinite horror when they examine the history of Atlantis in the Akashic Records of Nature and they find events such as the one that we comment about as follows:

The Initiates remember that beautiful woman named Katebet of gloomy memories, Queen of the Southern States and the powerful city of the Gates of Gold of that submerged continent.

Indeed, amongst the Borgia and Medici’s family history there is no perversity like that of Queen Katebet. She captivated with her malignant beauty and necromancy. She fascinated and seduced princes and kings with her enchantments. Many maidens and children were immolated in honor of the tenebrous entities of the inner underworlds.

In those times, the Atlantean sacerdotal medicine discovered what in this day and age we would scientifically call Human Opotherapy: that is, the infusion of glandular juices from the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal glands, etc., to sick and senile organisms.

The priest-physicians not only utilized the chemistry of the endocrine glands as hormones and juices, but moreover, they also utilized the hyper-chemistry of such glands or the psychic, vital fluids of the chakras or magnetic centers of the human organism, which are intimately related with the endocrine centers.

After having taken their immolated victims away from the sacrificial stones, the cadavers were transferred to certain secret chambers where the priest-physicians extracted the precious endocrine glands that were so indispensable in the preservation of the fatal Queen’s body. Her youthful beauty, with all of her enchantments, lasted for many centuries.

The most frightening of all of this was the moment in which the priests—having secretly extracted the glands from the cadaver—would toss the rest of the cadaver to the fanatical and corrupted crowds who would devour it hungrily; this is how the Atlantean populace became anthropophagic.

When we reflect upon all of these things, we feel terrified, horrified; however, all of these barbaric acts are minor, even ridiculous, when compared with the atrocities of the First and Second World Wars, with the monstrous explosion of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

All of the Atlantean barbarities are insignificant when we compare them to the gas chambers where millions of men, women, children, and elders were stripped of their clothing and died with the most frightening desperation.

We felt horrified by Atlantean bestiality, but the bombarding of the martyred city of London, the concentration camps, the wall-shootings, the hangings, the cities destroyed by criminal bombs, sicknesses, hunger, and desperation were all thousands of times worse.

Never in history was such a great perversity felt than that of this decayed and degenerated Aryan Root Race.

Thus, as Atlantis submerged with all of its inhabitants into the bottom of the oceans, likewise this Aryan Root Race will be destroyed, and from it not even ashes will remain.

Let it be known, once and for all, that out of all of that which this humanity esteems and admires so much, nothing will remain, not even one stone upon another.