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Lesson Three: Tattvas, Prana, and Vibrations of Nature

The great lawyer Jose M. Seseras said the following:

There is no luck or misfortune, success or failure; everything is a vibration of the ether.

By learning the use of the tattvas one can favorably solve all matters in life. You need a precise and exact system to obtain money; a scientific system that never falls. You need to take advantage of favorable circumstances to achieve the crystallization of all your projects (commercial, etc.).

Remember: a tattva is a vibration of the ether. In this age of radio, television and teleguided missiles, it is absurd to deny the vibration of the ether. A great sage said:

Life was born from radiation, subsists because of radiation, and is suppressed by any oscillatory imbalance.

You have the right to succeed. Spirit should overcome matter. We cannot accept misery. Remember that misery is a property of failed souls. When the Spirit overcomes matter, the result is Light, splendor, complete success economically, socially and spiritually.

It is necessary that you learn the Law of Universal Vibration. The study of the Tattvas is very important. A Tattva (this is a Hindustani term) is a vibration of the ether. Now scientists say that the ether does not exist and that the only thing that really exists is the magnetic field. We could also say that matter does not exist and that energy is the only thing that is real. These are words, a matter of terms. The magnetic field is the ether.

All comes from ether; everything returns to ether.

Sir Oliver Lodge, the great British scientist, said:

It is the ether that gives place, through diverse modifications of its equilibrium, to all phenomena of the universe, from the impalpable light to the formidable masses of the worlds.


Prana is the cosmic energy. Prana is vibration, electric motion, light and heat, universal magnetism, life. Prana is the life that throbs in each atom and in each sun. Prana is the life of ether. The Great Life, in other words, Prana, is transformed into a very divine, intensely blue substance. The name of this substance is Akash. The Akash is a marvelous substance that fills the entire infinite space and when it is modified it becomes ether. It is very interesting to know that the ether, when modified, becomes what we call the Tattvas.

The study of the vibrations of the ether (Tattvas) is indispensable. Remember that business, love, health. etc. are controlled by cosmic vibrations. If you know the vibratory laws of life, if you know the Tattvas, you will be able to obtain much money. Remember that money in itself is not good or bad; everything depends on its use. It is good if you use it for good, evil if you use it for evil. Obtain much money and use it for the good of humanity.

There are seven Tattvas that you should learn to use to succeed in life. No Gnostic student should live in misery. It is necessary that you know the names of the seven Tattvas. These names are Sanskrit terms. It is possible that it might be somewhat difficult to learn these names but remember that studying is well worth it to succeed in life.

The Names of the Tattvas

  • Akash is the principle of ether.
  • Vayu is the etheric principle of the air.
  • Tejas is the etheric principle of fire.
  • Prithvi is the etheric principle of the element earth.
  • Apas is the etheric principle of water.

There are two secret Tattvas named Adi and Samadhi that vibrate during the Aurora (dawn) and are excellent for internal meditation. (Ecstasy or Samadhi is achieved with them). We will not expand on these Tattvas now because they are useful to advanced students only.

Tattvic Timetable*

The vibration of the Tattvas begins at sunrise. Each Tattwa vibrates for twenty-four minutes in a period of two hours. The first Tattva that vibrates is Akash, followed in succession by Vayu, Tejas, Prithvi, and Apas. Two hours later, Akash vibrates again and the succession of Tattvas in the same order is repeated. The Tattvas vibrate day and night.

It is necessary to know the hour of sunrise. Bucheli’s Astrological Yearbook is one of the calendars that marks the time of sunrise in each country of Latin America. Some daily newspapers (especially in the United States of America) and magazines indicate the time of sunrise. Galvan’s Calendar is also good for this purpose. Those who would like Bucheli’s American Yearbook (in Spanish) can request it from the following address: Mrs. Elly de Buchelli, Casilla 1880, Santiago de Chile, S.A.

Editor's Note: Samael Aun Weor wrote this section based upon the investigations of other writers. Upon further investigation of his own, he later wrote "I regretfully have to disagree with the opinion of the Master Huiracocha about the Tattvic day-timer. In his Tattvameter he states that the five Tattvas successively vibrate for two hour periods, and that each Tattva vibrates for twenty-four minutes... Yet, this is in discordance with the facts and observations. Therefore, the best Tattvic day-timer is the one from Nature." He then explains that one should observe the local conditions to determine the dominate tattvic forces. You can learn more about this in (Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic, in the section about Ens Espirituale.

Properties of the Tattvas


Akash is exclusively good for meditation. We advise you to pray a lot during this time. Do not have business or love appointments during this time because you will inevitably fail. This Tattva causes us to make very serious mistakes. If you work during this period, you should then be very careful. (Artists should abstain from working in Akash). Everything that begins with Akash will fail. Akash is the Tattva of death.


Everything that is velocity and motion corresponds to Vayu, the principle of air. Winds, air, aerial navigation, etc. are related to Vayu. During this period people enjoy speaking ill about their fellowmen, lying, stealing, etc. Usually, airplane accidents happen during this period. Suicides are stimulated by this Tattva. We advise you not to marry during this period because your marriage will be of a short duration. All kinds of simple and fast businesses are very good in Vayu, but businesses that are complex and of long duration result in failure. It is good to carry out intellectual works during this period. The great yogis mentally manipulate this Tattva and use it intelligently when they want to float in the air.


Tejas is hot because it is the etheric principle of fire. During the period in which this Tattva is active we feel more heat. You can bathe in cold water in Tejas and you will never catch a cold. Never argue with anyone in Tejas because the consequences can be serious. You should utilize the time of Tejas to work intensely. Do not marry during Tejas because you will have constant quarrels with your partner. The most terrible explosions and accidents happen in the period of the Tattva Tejas.


This is the Tattva of success in life. If you want to succeed in business, do it in Prithvi. If you want to have good health, eat and drink in Prithvi. Marriages accomplished in Prithvi are happy for life. Every party, lecture, business or appointment done in Prithvi will be a total success. Prithvi is love, charity, benevolence.


Apas is the principle of water and is the opposite of Tejas (fire). This Tattwa is marvelous for the purchase of merchandise. It is marvelous for business and you will be able to earn much money if you know how to take advantage of this Tattva. Buy lottery tickets in Apas; journeys by water are good in Apas. Rainfalls that begin in Apas tend to be very lengthy and heavy. The Tattva Apas works in concentrating and attracting.

Remember that you need to know the exact time of sunrise to be guided by the Tattwas. Always have a good wristwatch or pocket watch and take advantage of the Tattvas in practical life.


Sit at a table facing the Orient, rest your elbows on the table and proceed in the following manner:

Introduce the thumbs of your right and left hands into your ears. Cover your eyes with the index fingers, cover your nostrils with your middle fingers, and seal your lips with your ring fingers and little fingers.

Inhale slowly counting from one to twenty. Exhale slowly counting one to twenty. It is necessary to remove your middle fingers to inhale and exhale. But during the retention of your breath, the middle fingers should hermetically seal your nostrils. It is necessary for you to try to see the Tattvas with the Third Eye during the retention of your breath. The Third Eye resides between the two eyebrows. At the beginning you will see nothing, but after some time you will be able to see and recognize them by their colors. Akash is black and its planet is Saturn. Vayu is greenish-blue and Mercury is its planet. Tejas is red as fire and its planet is Mars. Prithvi is golden yellow and the Sun is its planet; it is also influenced by Jupiter. Apas is white and Venus and the Moon are its planets.

May peace be with you!