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The Arhat’s Cross

1. The fire of your igneous rose, which is situated in the larynx of your mental body, burns and sparkles within the ardent flames of the universe.

2. Now, oh arhat, you enter the three higher chambers of the tower of your temple.

3. The Kundalini of your mental body opens the first chamber of your cerebellum.

4. Do you know what this signifies, my child?

5. Woe to you, oh arhat!

6. Receive your fourth cross, so that you may crucify your mental body.

7. Do you know what this signifies, sibling of mine?

8. Do you know what the mind signifies?

9. You are now worthy of pity, oh arhat!

10. You must work in the great work of the Father.

11. You will be an immolated lamb upon the altar of sacrifice.

12. You will work incessantly for humanity.

13. You will perform works of genius, but do not expect a crown of laurels, my child...

14. Remember that you must sacrifice your mind...

15. Humanity will make a mockery of your work. They will ridicule you and give you bile to drink...

16. Your works of merit will be received with loud guffaws, and humanity will reward all of your sacrifices with their deepest despise.

17. You are worthy of compassion, oh arhat!

18. The cross of your mental body is large and very heavy.

19. Your enemies will be your very spiritual brothers and sisters.

20. They will punish you severely and they will mock you, oh arhat!

21. The spiritual devotees of all the denominations will qualify you as an evil one, and they will ridicule you, oh arhat!

22. You will be slandered, mocked and hated by all the world. This is how you will crucify your mind, oh arhat!

23. Apollonius of Tyana spent his last years enclosed within a prison. Paracelsus was qualified as a friend of gypsies and executioners by all of his “Judas’s.” All the pedants of that time hated to death the eminent Theophrastus Bombastus of Hohenheim (Aureola Paracelsus).

24. This great wise man (Paracelsus) gave humanity medical wisdom that will be accepted and comprehended only by the human species of the Aquarian Age.

25. Agrippa, hated by men, wandered from city to city, and all the world distrusted him and qualified him as a sorcerer.

26. All the saints of Jerusalem, all the martyrs of humanity, were hated and persecuted.

27. Oh arhat, the cross of your mental body is heavy!

28. You are now an enigmatic personage, my child, and all the spiritual brothers qualify you as an evil one, as being intolerant, as tenebrous, simply because they do not comprehend you. You know this.

29. Blessed be those who love us, because they comprehend us; blessed be those who hate us, because they do not comprehend us.