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Elemental Magic of the Storax Tree

270. The storax tree symbolizes wisdom and justice.

271. The mantra of this tree is “Toliphando.”

272. The elemental department of the storax tree is found to be intimately related with the activities of karma.

273. The elemental department of the storax tree is directed by the lords of karma.

274. The lords of karma keep an exact note of all our debts in their books.

275. When we have capital to pay, and we pay, then we do well in business.

276. However, when we do not have capital to pay, we must inevitably pay with pain.

277. Perform good deeds so that you can pay your debts.

278. You not only pay karma for the evil that you have done, but also for the good that you should have done but did not do.

279. Love is law, but conscious love.

280. It is also possible to pay a lot of karma, to cancel many debts, by practicing sexual magic. This is because the blood of the lamb washes the sins of the world.

281. It is also possible to ask for credit from the lords of karma, but the credit must be paid with sacrifice for humanity.

282. All negotiations are arranged with the lords of karma by personally speaking with them in the internal worlds.

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