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Psychic Materializations

Question: One time, when I was seven years old, I dreamed of a church in a little town, where, very close to it, there was a circus, a fair, and commercial shops where typical items from that place were sold. I clearly saw everything, to the degree that I remember talking with a lady dressed in red; afterwards, I moved through the people and left the place. Five years later, I visited that town, and I saw the scene exactly as I dreamt it; I was aware of it even until the lady dressed in red talked to me. I was astonished that after that length of time, everything happened to me in the same way that I had dreamt. Master, could you tell me what is the cause of this type of phenomena?

Answer: I will gladly answer the question. Allow me the freedom of explaining it in a very simple way, due to the fact that this is a very elementary book for those who aspire to know about Gnosis.

It is unquestionable that during the hours of sleep, the soul escapes from within the physical body, in order to transport herself to any place of the world or of the infinite space. Once this is explained, it is easy to understand that the gentleman who asked the question, while outside of his dense body, travelled to that place that years later he came to recognize physically. It is clear that he lived with much anticipation the event that later was converted into a physical reality. This signifies that during a dream, one can live events before they come to happen physically.

There is no doubt that the person you recognized after years and in that mentioned place, had already been in contact with you precisely during the same hours of dreaming. These are matters that still are ignored by those people who dedicate themselves to parapsychology.

Question: A long time ago, an aunt of mine told me the following: when she was the owner of a convenience store, during a very rainy night a very mysterious gentleman arrived, whose face she could not see because he was wearing a very wide brimmed hat and he was covered by a black coat with a very wide and turned up lapel. The gentleman asked her the favor of keeping a small coffer for him, since it was raining at that moment and he was not going towards his house; thus, he would come and retrieve his coffer the following morning. My aunt took the coffer and placed it on one of the shelves of her store. When the mysterious gentleman was leaving the store, she noticed that his feet were not visible and that he was disappearing like a shadow in the night. Immediately, she felt chills, and she had the hunch that there was nothing normal in what was happening unto her.

The next day, she narrated to other people about what happened. Therefore, due to the fact that after one year and a half the mentioned gentleman did not return to recover his coffer, the people who knew about the case advised her to open the coffer, because they said it may be related with a dead person. Thus, she did so, and upon opening it they saw that the small coffer contained some dead bones, the remains of some dead person; however, in the bottom of it, there was a very appreciable quantity of gold coins. Due to the nervous state that she was experiencing, she decided to give the coffer to other people, since she did not want to know anything more about that subject matter. Master, would you be so kind as to explain this occurrence to us?

Answer: I will gladly give an explanation about this subject matter. Certainly, that strangely dressed personage who presented himself in that place was without a doubt a disincarnated person, the phantom of a dead person. It becomes evident by all means that the phantom abandoned the unknown dimension for a few instants in order to enter into this physical world of three dimensions. It is unquestionable that the a phantom gave the coffer to that person (the aunt) of this narrative. Lamentably, the cited lady was not capable of comprehending the fact that — filled with horror — she gave to other people that which had been destined for herself.

Now, you can see for yourself the significance of fear. That lady could have improved her situation with such a beautiful fortune. Unfortunately, she did not take advantage of the opportunity that was presented to her.

It is interesting to comprehend that the phantom — in addition to materializing himself in the physical world — could also perform what we can call an “enterprise,” that is, to pass the coffer from the place where it was situated into the hands of that lady. This type of materialization is certainly astonishing.

Question: Then, Master, one must not waste those opportunities when they are presented onto us, even if we are frightened?

Answer: Respectable lady, allow me to tell you that fear is execrable. Nations are armed because of fear, and they launch themselves to war because of fear. Men carry pistols at their waist because of fear, and they kill others because of fear. Why be afraid? All of us have to die sooner or later. Therefore, the best thing that the lady of the narrative could have done was to return the bones to the cemetery and take advantage of the money by performing many charitable deeds, and she could also have received benefits for herself.

Respectable ladies and gentlemen, many unexpected, strange, and metaphysical events come to pass in the world. Someone told me a very intriguing case: at a party, a certain lady distinguished herself from the other people because of her immense joy. Among all the guests, she was the focus of that party because of her jovial character and physical beauty. Many young bachelors danced with her until three o’clock in the morning, at which time the cited lady claimed to be very cold. Thus, one of her admirers lent his parka, coat, or jacket to her in order to cover her. Thereafter, as a complement, the young gentleman offered to accompany her towards her house. The young lady did not reject such a knightly offer, thus they departed from the hall of the party. In a speedy automobile, the lady was accompanied by the young man who offered his company and by some other male friends of his; they arrived at the door of the lady’s house. So the companions said farewell to the lady when she was entering into her residence.

The following day, the young man, the owner of the that jacket entrusted to the young lady, along with his friends, knocked upon the door of that mansion with the evident purpose of recovering his coat. Thus, an old lady opened the door and asked, “What do you want, young men?”

“We come,” said one of the fellows, “for a jacket that I lent last night to the young lady so-and-so.”

“Oh,” answered the old lady, “if you want that jacket, then you must go and search for it in the cemetery. You will find it over the tomb of my granddaughter. She was the young lady with whom you were dancing. She died many years ago.”

The alarmed young men, indeed, directed themselves towards the cemetery; they searched for the tomb of the young lady and they found it. Thus, over her tomb, they found the jacket.

See for yourselves, my friends, an extraordinary case of materialization. First of all, I want you to listen to my explanation, only thus will you understand how this metaphysical phenomena was performed.

I want you to know that when death occurs, three things go into the sepulchre:

First, the physical body.

Second, the vital foundation of our physical organism, which is a species of ethereal double that slowly decomposes next to the tomb.

Third, the personality, which is energetic. The personality remains within the sepulchre; however, sometimes it leaves the tomb and even has the luxury of wandering in diverse places.

According with the former narration, I think that you can understand that what became visible in that party was the personality of the dead young lady. Only thus we can explain to ourselves the reason why the clothing was found precisely over the sepulchre.

Question: Well, master, was that phantom the soul of the dead young lady, or how do I understand this phenomena?

Answer: Dear young lady, do not take as strange what I am stating; listen to me with confidence. The soul of the dead young lady cannot be shut into the tomb. That which physically appeared was the personality of the defunct woman, and this indeed is different. There is no doubt that the personality is disintegrated little by little, until it disappears or it is annihilated. Nonetheless, the soul is something distinct, it is something divine that cannot be shut into a sepulchre.

Question: Master, these type of narratives seem intriguing, therefore, we will like if you can tell us some other occurrence related with apparitions from beyond the grave.

Answer: I will gladly narrate, to the honorable concurrence, another case, which indeed is very intriguing. This is about a lady who took a taxi at midnight in Guatemala City. When the taxi driver asked her for the address to where she was destined, she gave him certain signs that coincided indeed with the main cemetery of that city. The taxi driver, a little disquieted, left the lady exactly at the funeral door, not without previously demanding from her the correspondent payment, or transportation fee. However, the lady told him that she did not have money at that moment, yet she would give him a piece of gold jewelry that he could exchange for the payment. Subsequently, she begged for him to come the following day to her house situated on the street so-and-so and the number so-and-so, etc. and that he deliver the jewelry to her mother so that he could demand the money, the charge for the ride.

A little confused, that taxi driver withdrew from the funeral door. Thus, the following day, in the early morning, he arrived to the lady’s house. A very aged old woman came out of the house and asked him what he wanted. Then the taxi driver took out the little golden chain from within the bag where he was carrying it, and showed it to the old lady. Thus, while narrating the case unto her, he asked the old lady to deliver the amount of money in exchange for the ride charged to her daughter so-and-so.

The elderly mother, when seeing the golden chain with its beautiful medallion, came to recognize the jewelry of gold with which her daughter, dead since a long time ago, was buried. It is obvious that the elderly lady was overwhelmed, filled with infinite terror.

Consequently, she invited the taxi driver to enter into her home with the purpose that he try to identify her daughter. For such a reason, in the living room she showed him an enlarged photograph that was beautifully framed. It is clear that the taxi driver recognized the photograph immediately. There is no doubt that the old mother remained in a state of frightful confusion. It is even stated that the taxi driver saw the same woman again in another area of the city. This is then another case of materialization of the personality or ex-personality of the dead.

In ancient times, the people had more comprehension. Therefore, the dead one was buried along with all of his belongings, including meals, beverages, and other type of utensils with which the dead one was familiar when he was alive. This is how the personality of the dead experiences his own environment, as if he were in his own house.

We must be charitable towards the dead, and also understand with love those shadows of the pantheon. We must bring them flowers, love, prayers, and also the food they liked to eat when they were alive. We give the example here in Mexico, the “day of the dead,” November the second, by placing at their tombs the food and beverages that they liked a lot. Hopefully, many people of other countries will follow this example.