The Magic Key of Pacts

By means of the Magic Key of the pacts of mystery, one can make the invoked Genii appear.

This signifies that during the invocations of the holy Theurgy, the Magic Key must be grasped in the moments of praying in order to beseech the presence of the ineffable Gods.

This key or Solomonic Clavicle is certainly the “Dominatur” of the “Sanctum Regnum.”

That key symbolizes the very same keys of the kingdom, or the key of the ark of science.

The key must be prepared on a legitimate Sunday, at the precise moment of sunrise. The key must be made with gold, brass, and bronze.

In order to make this magical amulet, the first hour of the King Star (the Sun, sunrise) must be chosen. Precisely, this should be on the authentic Sunday, in accordance with the cosmic order, which is: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

We already know that the present Saturday is cosmically correct and that after Saturday follows Monday.

In the moment of preparation, a small piece of lodestone must be added to the Magic Key of Pacts and the following magical prayer must be recited:


By the Holy and Mysterious Tetragrammaton; by the grace granted with the Elohim of the Light; by the Father of all the lights; by the power which the Ancient of Days grants to those who love Him; by the power granted to the Seven Planetary Regents; by the power of the ineffable Beings: Adonai, Elochais, Almanab, to whom I beg for help:

Let this Key remain authorized by the Gods in order to call upon the Ineffable Ones. Amen.

Every morning on Sundays, at the rising of the King Star (sunrise), seven grams of wheat must be put inside of the bag where the Magic Key is carried, as an offering to the seven planetary genii.

Also, little pieces of steel filings must be put inside the bag, as nourishment for this magical amulet.

When placing it over the heart, the following prayer must be prayed:

O King Star! Christ Sun, help me in the name of the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton. Prepare for me this Clavicle, so that when I show it to the Angels, they can concur to my call. Amen.

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