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The Chohans

The Chohans are seven and they work under the influence of the seven planetary rays in our terrestrial evolution. Let us know them:

The Mahachohan, the Divine Hierarch, directs the works of the White Lodge. All the archives of terrestrial evolution are in His power.

The Manu is another Divine Being who has to form new races. There are various Manus. When a Manu lays the foundation of a new race and ends his work, then he receives the eighth Initiation of Major Mysteries with the degree of Buddha Pratyeka, which signifies "solitary Buddha." Then, after his eighth Major Initiation, much later on, he achieves the degree “Lord of the World.”

The eighth Initiation of Major Mysteries is granted in the most divine planes of consciousness. The fact that I have previously spoken of five Initiations of Major Mysteries and now I come to speak of nine will appear contradictory to many people. Therefore, I must clarify myself:

We fulfill our human evolution with the five Initiations of Major Mysteries. The remaining three Initiations and the degree of “Lord of the World” are of a “Super-Human” nature.

Now, beloved reader, do you want to know the formula in order to convert yourself into a God?

This is the formula: “Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, then withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm).” This is the clue in order for you to convert yourself into a God. Yet, to become a perfect saint is an indispensable requirement for you.

I.A.O. is the mantra which must be vocalized during the daily trance of sexual magic, like so: