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Ens Espirituale

The following strange story which we are going to recount happened in a town off the Atlantic coast of Colombia, which is known by the name of Dibulla. The majority of the dwellers there are of the black race. They were living indifferently and with indolence. One day, some years ago, natives of this locality robbed from the Arhuaco Indians their forefather’s sacred relics. Consequently, the “Mama” Miguel sent a commission to Dibulla with this following message: “The Mama has consulted the ‘lebrillo.’ Therefore, he knows that the sacred relics of our forefathers are here in this town. If you do not return them during the full moon, then the Mama will send the ‘animes’ and will burn down the town.” This petition only caused mockery and laughter amongst the Dibullans.

Upon the arrival of the full moon, without any known cause, a bonfire exploded in the town. When the neighbors assisted in suffocating it, new bonfires exploded, especially within the houses where the stolen relics were hidden. It seemed as if the potencies of fire had confabulated themselves against such a defenseless town in order to convert it to ashes. Their “curas” (Catholic priests) chanted their exorcisms in vain and the people cried bitterly. Everything was in confusion. When they lost all hope of extinguishing the fires, the Dibullans resolved to immediately return the sacred relics to the Arhuaco Indians. Then, as if by magic, the bonfires ceased.

What were the sources which the “Mama” used in order to produce the bonfires? Undoubtedly, these were the elementals of fire who are embodied within the plants, herbs and roots that belong to the sign of fire. This knowledge is not only ignored by modern scientists, but also by those sects which say that they are the possessors of occult teachings...

When referring to the Ens Espirituale our expression has to be clear and our meaning precise, because the Ens Espirituale is complex in its essence and in its accidents.

When referring to the Tattvas, which are forces of the elemental creatures of vegetables, we warn that they can be utilized by black magicians in order to harm their enemies. Each vegetable is a Tattvic extract.

What is a Tattva? Much has been spoken about this matter, yet, it has not been well comprehended. A Tattva is a vibration of ether. Everything comes from ether and everything returns to ether. Rama Prasat, the great Hindu philosopher, spoke about the Tattvas. However, he did not teach about how to work with them, because he did not know the wisdom of the Tattvas in depth. H. P. Blavatsky wrote about the Tattvas in her book The Secret Doctrine. Nevertheless, she did not know about the esoteric technique which refers to the practical use of the Tattvas.

The whole universe is elaborated upon with the ethereal matter “Akash” (this word is used by the Hindus). The ether disarranges itself into seven different modalities. When these modalities condense, then they give origin to all that is created.

Sound is the materialization of Akash. The sense of touch is the materialization of the Vayu Tattva. The fire and the light which we perceive through our eyes are the materialization of the Tejas Tattva. The sensation of taste is nothing more than the condensation of the Apas Tattva. The sense of smell is the materialization of the Prithvi Tattva. There exist two other Tattvas which can only be handled by the magician. These are the Adi Tattva and the Samadhi Tattva.

Akash is the primary cause of all that exists. Vayu is the cause of air and of motion. Tejas is the ether of the fire which animates the flames. Prithvi is the ether of the element earth which is accumulated within the rocks. Apas is the ether of the water which enters into action before Prithvi, because before the element earth appeared, there was water.

The four elements of Nature, earth, fire, water and air are only condensations of the four types of ether. These four varieties of ether are densely populated by innumerable elemental creatures of Nature.

The Salamanders live within the fire (the Tejas Tattva). The Ondines and Nereids live within the water (the Apas Tattva). The Sylphs live within the clouds (the Vayu Tattva). The Gnomes and Pygmies live within the earth (the Prithvi Tattva).

The physical bodies of the salamanders are the plants, herbs and roots of the vegetables that are influenced by the signs of fire.

The physical bodies of the Ondines are the elementals of the plants that are influenced by the zodiacal signs of water.

The physical bodies of the Sylphs are the elementals of the plants belonging to the signs of air.

The physical bodies of the Gnomes are the elementals of the plants under the influence of the zodiacal signs of earth.

Therefore, when the “Mama” Miguel burned down the town of Dibulla he utilized the Tejas Tattva. The instrument used in order to operate with this Tattva is the elementals of fire (the salamanders), which are incarnated within the plants, trees, herbs, and roots of the zodiacal signs of fire.

We can work with Apas in order to unleash the tempests or to pacify the waters by commanding the occult power of the plants of water.

We can unleash or calm the winds and hurricanes by commanding the elementals of air who are enclosed within the vegetables of this zodiacal sign (Vayu).

We can transmute lead into gold by commanding the occult power of the herbs belonging to the sign of earth (Prithvi). Yet, in order to perform this, we also need Tejas (fire).

Prehistoric traditions from the Pre-Colombian Americas asseverate to us that the Indians worked the gold as if it was soft clay. They achieved this with the elementals of plants, whose ethereal elements are the Tattvas.

The black magicians utilize the elementals of plants and the Tattvas in order to harm their neighbors from a distance.

When the astral Sylphs cross through space, they agitate Vayu. Thus, Vayu moves the masses of air. This is how wind is produced.

When a magician moves the elementals of fire with his power, these elementals then act upon the Tejas Tattva by their own accord and the fire devours what this magician wants it to.

Over the sea, great battles explode between the elementals. The Ondines throw the ether of their waters against the Sylphs. Consequently, the Sylphs return this attack by casting ethereal waves against the Ondines. Then, a tempest explodes from the agitated combination of water and air. The roar of the sea and the whistling of the hurricane are the shouts of war from these elementals.

The elements of Nature are agitated when the corresponding elementals become emotional, enthusiastic or when they are intensely moved.

We become owners of the Tattvas and the powers that are enclosed within them by commanding the elementals of plants.

The Ethereal Body (the Vital Body) of the human being is constituted of the Tattvas, and we know that this body is the base upon which the organism’s chemistry operates.

Nowadays, official science and its treatises of physics cannot deny that the ether penetrates all of the physical elements.

If the Ethereal Body is harmed, then mathematically, the physical body is also harmed. So, by utilizing the vegetable elementals and their ethereal waves from a distance, the perverse entities can cause harm to the Ethereal Body. The consequences are very grave.

The magician-doctors of the Indian race (from the state of Bolivar, Colombia), test amongst themselves their science and power with the elemental of the “guasimo” tree (Guazuma ulmifolia Lamarck) in the following way: They make a circle around the “guasimo” tree, they bless it, venerate it, and beg its service, which is to attack the rival medic. After this ritual, with a new knife they lift the bark of the tree a certain amount of centimeters and then place a piece of beef (lung meat) underneath it. They then command the elemental of the tree to attack their enemy. The rival does the same by utilizing another “guasimo” tree. Thus, in this way, a terrible fight ensues between the two elementals of these trees until one of the medics dies.

The elemental of the “guasimo” tree is a genie of fire who impetuously lunges himself against the victim. Clairvoyantly seen, this elemental uses a cape that reaches to his feet and he is endowed with great powers.

The black magicians practice certain rites with the mastic tree (naturally, I keep the secret to myself, in order not to give weapons to the evil ones). Through these rites, they achieve the harm or murder of whomever they wish from a distance. In order to heal a sick person who has been attacked by this procedure, the white magician utilizes another mastic tree. The first thing he does is to incise the figure of the sick person on its trunk. He then makes a magical circle around the tree and commands the elemental to heal the sick person. In the same measure that the incision on the tree heals, so too does the sick person feel an improvement. When the scar disappears from the trunk of the tree, then the complete healing has been fulfilled.

Two phenomena occur in the previous execution: First, transmission of life (mumia) occurs because the life of the elemental of the tree cures the sick person. Second, transplantation of sickness occurs because the sickness is transmitted into the aggressive vegetable plant and into the black magician. The black magician becomes sick in the same proportion that the patient becomes well. Many sicknesses can be cured from a distance with the procedure of the mastic tree.

There exist sorcerers who take advantage of certain plants which they mix with food in order to fill the organism of their victims with deadly worms, which produce sickness and death.

Other sorcerers inject artificial gonorrhea into their victims, or they give them dangerous animal substances to drink in order to produce determined effects. The reader can inform himself in detail about all of these things in another section of this book.

The black magicians know how to inject venomous substances into the Astral Body of their victims. Thus, inevitably they become sick. The Astral Body is a material organism a little bit less dense than the physical organism. In such cases, the Masters give an emetic medicine to the Astral Body of the sick person in order for him to vomit the injected substances.

The other internal bodies are also material; they too have their own particular sicknesses as well as their own medicines and their own medics. Therefore, surgical operations are not something rare within the Temple of Alden.

A serious damage in the Mental Body, when reflectively transmitted in the physical brain, produces madness.

A disconnection between the Astral Body and the Mental Body causes furious madness.

If there is no adjustment between the Astral Body and the Ethereal Body, then the idiot or the cretin is the necessary outcome.

A laboratory of Alchemy of high importance exists within the Temple of Alden where the great Masters of medicine dwell, such as Hippocrates, Paracelsus, Galenus, Hermes, and others. This temple is in the Astral Plane, within the living innermost parts of great Nature.

The internal bodies eat, drink, assimilate, digest and excrete in the same exact way as the physical organism does, because these are solely material bodies in a diverse degree of subtlety.

These bodies utilize the Tattvas in all sensations and reactions. The Tattvas are the fundamental base of all that exists; they can be either vehicles of love or hatred.

I regretfully have to disagree with the opinion of the Master Huiracocha about the Tattvic day-timer. In his Tattvameter he states that the five Tattvas successively vibrate for two hour periods, and that each Tattva vibrates for twenty-four minutes in the following way:

  1. Akash
  2. Vayu
  3. Tejas
  4. Prithvi
  5. Apas

Huiracocha asseverates that this vibration of the Tattvas begins everyday at sunrise. Yet, this is in discordance with the facts and observations. Therefore, the best Tattvic day-timer is the one from Nature.

When the weather is cold, humid, rainy and the sky is cloudy with dense, large, black clouds this means that the cause of this is rooted in the Tattva of the water (Apas). When this happens, the ethereal waves of the water are submitted to a very strong cosmic vibration which generally coincides with the position of the moon.

During the hours or days of hurricanes and breezes we can asseverate that the ethereal waves of the air (Vayu) are in agitation and vibration.

The noon sky filled with sun clearly points out to us that the ether of fire (Tejas) is vibrating intensely.

Dry, sultry weather elucidates for us the vibrations of Akash.

The hours filled of happiness, filled with light, are produced by Prithvi.

Therefore, the best Tattvic day-timer is the one from Nature.

When the waves of fire are agitated, then creation is inundated with light and heat.

If the aqueous ether is vibrating, then the waters are moving and everything becomes humid.

Nature becomes happy in its entirety when the ethereal waves of the element earth move and vibrate.

The summer season can be forecasted in the beginning of each year. The tradition of the “Cabañuelas” is very ancient and is already forgotten and disfigured. The right procedure is as follows:

During the night, on the first of January, collect twelve dry lumps of rocky salt. These must be separated into two groups of six. One month of the year has to be assigned to each lump of salt. Then, on the following day the lumps must be observed: the dry ones represent the number of months for summer and the humid ones represent the number of months for winter.

The black magicians as well as the white magicians equally utilize the Tattvas of Nature for their respective goals.

There exist certain Tattvic extracts which the white magician takes advantage of in order to “enclose” himself. He closes his atomic atmosphere in order to defend himself from the potencies of evil. In this way, no malignant influence, magical venom, or work of witchcraft can affect or harm him.

In the state of Magdalena, Colombia, a tree named “tomasuco” exists. This tree is utilized in order to “enclose” oneself. This operation is performed on Good Friday at twelve o’clock midday. The person traces a circle around the tree, then he blesses it. He begs the elemental to “encircle” his personal atmosphere with the elemental’s protective atoms, by creating a protector wall that will defend this person against tenebrous powers. Once this petition is made, the person approaches the tree walking from south to north and cuts one of the veins of the tree with a new knife. He then bathes his naked body with the life fluid of the tree. This fluid is very bitter; three cups of this liquid must be drunk. This Tattvic extract protects us from many evils. No venom or any kind of witchcraft will harm those who are “enclosed” in this way. If a venomous liquid or a venomous substance is held in the magician’s hand, a nervous shock will be felt by him. The genie of this tree will spin around the white magician, in order to evade the entrance of the potencies of evil.

When at a feast, the Master Zanoni drank poisoned wine and while raising his cup, he said: “I toast thee, oh Prince, even with this cup.” The poison did not cause any harm to the Master. History also tells us that Rasputin drank poisoned wine in the presence of his enemies, and he laughed at them.