Nature is always a virgin mother. Nature is always a virgin, and always a mother. Nature is an austere and kind mother.

The consciousness of nature teaches the shy little bird to build its nest. The consciousness of nature beats in the heart of the tree, in the heart of the timid worm that crawls on the ground, in the heart of the eagle that haughtily flaps its intrepid wings above the gigantic masses of granite, which project their towering battlements into the blue of the sky. The consciousness of nature teaches the child to find his mother's breast, and teaches the birds to lift in flight. The consciousness of nature gives shape to all things, organizes the petals of the flowers that imbue the air with perfume, and order the movement of the stars amidst the magnificent orchestration of infinity.

Nature is an austere and loving mother. When we enter the mountain, we see her within her magnificent temple, with a golden crown and glittering white robe, governing the battling elements.

When humanity bothers her too much, she does what all mothers do with their children: she gives them toys to play with, she places in the mind of inventors the radio, airplane, automobile, etc., so that her children can have fun while they become mature to study the wisdom of God.

All the innocent angels of the earth, water, fire, and air obey the blessed goddess of the world.

Mary, Adonia, Insobertha, Isis, Astarte, have always symbolized the heavenly virgin nature.

Nature is a great workshop where God works.

Nature is the temple of the virgin mother of the world.

Christ and the Virgin

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