In our former chapter, we stated that when the body sleeps, the soul roams about in the sacred mountain.

During the hours of sleep, the soul is occupied in the same exchanges and activities as the day.

When outside their bodies, merchants buy and sell in their stores, without realizing that they are outside their body.

During the hours of sleep, we see the souls of seamstresses, mechanics, shopkeepers, street vendors, etc., dedicated to the same jobs and necessities as the day. Those souls are asleep; they are convinced, they are sure, that they are within their bodies of flesh and bones. When someone tells them that they are outside their body, they do not believe it, and scoff at it.

If those souls realized they are outside their body, they could then transport themselves to any corner of the world in the blink of an eye.

Thus, the wife who suffers for the absent man she loves; the girlfriend who is suffering for her beloved boyfriend can visit him without being seen. The mother whose son is absent can visit her son, and know about his life.

What is important is to know the clue, the secret, in order to realize that one is outside the physical body. That clue is discernment. 

During the day we must ask ourselves the following question: "Am I in the body? Am I out of the body?" Then jump; make a small jump with the intention of floating in the air.  If one floats, it is because one is outside the body. Then, while hovering in the air, one goes to where ones heart wishes.

This question must be asked while in the presence of any curious thing. Let us suppose that one is walking down the street and meets a friend who has not bern seen for a long time; then, ask oneself the question: "Am I in the body or outside the body?" Then one performs a small jump with the intention of floating, and if one floats, it is because one's body is asleep in the bed, and one is outside of it. Then one goes to where one's heart takes it, towards the distant absent son, towards one's beloved relative.

So, one must question oneself during the day, while in the presence of any curious thing: a uproar, a rare item, an encounter with a deceased one, an encounter with a distant friend; to that end, in the presence of any little insignificant detail.

The clue of discernment must be practiced during the day, at every step, at every moment, so that it will be recorded very well in our soul, and thus be repeated when acting during sleep.

Everything that one consistently does during the day one is routinely doing during sleep, thus, if this practice is consistently done during the day, then during the night, during the hours of sleep, when as a soul one is out of the body, one will repeatedly do it.  

Then in the moment of asking: "Am I in the body or outside the body?" One will execute the little jump exactly as one has done it during the day, thus ones consciousness will awaken and will float in space; then one can visit distant relatives, the absent son, the mother of whom one has no news, etc.

Understand, during the hours of sleep the soul is outside the body; thus, in order to be able to visit any far place, what is important is to realize that one as a soul is outside of the body.  So, this is the key of discernment.

Now, if when outside the body we pure-heartedly invoke the virgin of Carmel, then the divine mother of the Nazarene will answer our call and we will converse with her. And if when outside the body we invoke the Angel Gabriel, asking for the Annunciation, then he will tell the wife and the husband on which day and hour they can join their bodies. So, in this way women can conceive children by the will and grace of the Holy Spirit; in other words, by command of the Holy Spirit.

During sleep, souls can converse with angels. Thus, during sleep every man, every woman, every child, every elder, can converse with angels.

Outside the body, we can invoke the angels, and they will attend our call in order to teach us the word of God.

Christ and the Virgin

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