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milarepa(1040-1123) The great poet-saint of Tibetan Buddhism, highly revered by all Tibetans for his extraordinary perseverance and determination. His reputation for mastery and accomplishment in meditation is so great that all the schools of Tibetan Buddhism agree that he reached total realization in one lifetime, a feat only achievable by a great bodhisattva. The 14th Dalai Lama has said that his teacher is Milarepa. His teachings were not left in books or documents, but in the form of songs, which are engraved in the memories of all Tibetans, and sung throughout Tibetan society.

"In harvesting of evil deeds, the human race is busy; and doing so is to taste the pangs of Hell . . . The piling up of wealth is the piling up of others' property; what one thus storeth formeth but provisions for one's enemies... I wash off human scandal by devotion true; and by my zeal, I satisfy the Deities. By compassion, I subdue the demons; all blame I scatter to the wind, and upward turn my face." - Milarepa

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