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Mature Age

Mature age begins at thirty-five years of age and ends at fifty-six years of age. During the mature age, a man must know how to govern his home and how to orient his children, since in formal life every man of mature age becomes the head of a family.

Thus, the man who did not establish his home and make his fortune during youth and mature age will no longer do so; regarding this fact, he is a failure. So, those who attempt to establish a home and make their fortune during old age are truly worthy of pity.

The “I” of covetousness goes to extremes and aspires to the possession of affluent fortunes. A human being needs bread, clothing, and shelter. Yes, it is necessary to have bread, our own house, dresses, suits, coats to cover the body: nonetheless, a human being does not need to accumulate enormous sums of money in order to live.

Understand: we are not defending wealth or misery; both extremes are reprobate, since many are those who wallow in the mud of misery, and many others wallow in the mud of wealth.

It is necessary to possess a modest fortune—this is: a beautiful house with lovely gardens, a sure source of income, to always look presentable, and to not suffer hunger; this is normal for every human being.

Misery, hunger, illness, and ignorance must never exist in any country that boasts of being cultured and civilized.

Democracy still does not exist, but we need to create it. Yes, as long as there remains one person without bread, clothing, or shelter, then democracy is nothing but a beautiful ideal.

Parents must be understanding, intelligent, not booze drinkers, gluttons, drunkards, tyrants, etc.

Every mature man knows by his own experience that children imitate his example, so if his behavior is mistaken, it will become an absurd map drawn for his descendants.

Indeed, it is stupid for a mature man to have several women and to live in drinking sprees, banquets, orgies, etc. since the responsibility of the entire family falls on a mature man; thus, it is evident that if he rambles on mistaken paths, he will bring more disorder, more confusion, and more bitterness into the world.

Father and mother must comprehend the difference between the masculine and feminine sex. The brain of a teenaged girl develops differently from a teenaged male; thus, it is unnatural for teenaged girls to study physics, chemistry, algebra, etc. Such subjects are appropriate for the masculine brain, yet they are useless and even dangerous for the feminine mind. So, it is necessary for fathers and mothers to strive with all their heart to promote a vital change of study in any scholarship program.

Besides reading and writing, women must learn how to play the piano, as well as weaving, embroidery, and in general all kind of talents suitable to the feminine mind. This is how women should be prepared from the school desk for the sublime mission that corresponds only to them: that is, becoming a mother and a wife. So, it is absurd to damage the feminine brain with complicated and difficult studies that are suitable for the masculine brain. It is necessary for parents as well as teachers of schools, colleges, and universities to worry more about bringing to women the femininity that corresponds to them.

It is stupid to militarize women, to force them to march with drums and flags through the streets of cities as if they were males. Women must be fully feminine, and men must be fully masculine.

The intermediate sex, homosexuality, is the outcome of degeneration and barbarism.

Women who dedicate themselves to long and difficult studies become old and no one marries them.  Therefore, in this present modern life, it is convenient for women to make short careers: i.e. at a beauty parlor, as a stenographer, typist, dressmaker, teacher, etc.

Normally, women should be dedicated to home life, but due to the cruelty of the day and age in which we live, women need to work in order to eat and live. Yes, in a truly cultured and civilized society, women do not need to work outside their homes in order to survive. This modern women’s norm of working outside of their home is a cruelty of the worst kind to women.

Present, degenerated men have created a false order of things; they have made women lose their femininity; they have taken women out of their house and have made them slaves.

Women transformed into “tomboys,” with their intellects developed like a man, smoking cigarettes, and reading the newspaper, half-naked with skirts riding above their knees while playing cards, is the outcome of the degenerated men of this day and age, a male social flaw of an agonized civilization.  Yes, women, who are transformed into modern spies, drug-addicted physicians, champion athletes, alcoholic, denaturalized women who deny breast-feeding to their children because they do not want to lose their beauty, are an execrable symptom of a failed civilization.

Indeed, the time has arrived to organize a world rescue army with men and women of good will capable of struggling against this false order of things.  Yes, the time has arrived to establish a new civilization and a new culture in this world.

Women are the foundation stone of the home; thus, if this stone is not properly carved, if it is filled with ridges and all kinds of deformations, then the outcome of social life will be catastrophic.

The masculine brain is different; thus, it easily studies medicine, physics, mathematics, law, engineering, astronomy, etc.   

A militarized college for men is not absurd, but a militarized college for women, besides being absurd, is frightfully ludicrous.

It is regrettable to see future wives, future mothers, women who will carry a child in their bosom, marching like men through the streets of a city. This not only indicates the loss of femininity in women, but moreover, it places a pointed finger within the wound of many men, thus indicating the loss of their masculinity.

Men, true men, fully masculine men, can never accept a militarized parade of women. The masculine scruple, the psychological idiosyncrasy of the male, the mind of men, feels truly disgusted before this type of spectacle that completely demonstrates nothing more than human degeneration.

We need women to return home, to their femininity, to their natural beauty, to their primeval innocence and true simplicity. We need to finish with this entire modern order of things, and establish upon the face of the Earth a new civilization and a new culture.

Parents and educators must know how to raise the new generations with true wisdom and love.

Young men must receive not only intellectual information, learn an occupation, or graduate with a professional degree; it is necessary for them to know about the sense of responsibility and to know how to tread along the path of righteousness and cognizant love, since as mature men upon their shoulders will weigh the responsibility of a wife, sons, and daughters.

A mature man with a high sense of responsibility, chaste, sober, temperate, virtuous, etc., is respected by his family and by all citizens, whereas a mature man who scandalizes people with his adulteries, fornications, quarrels, and injustices of all types is repugnant to all people, and not only causes pain to himself, but moreover he embitters his relatives and brings pain and confusion to the rest of the world.

It is necessary for a mature man to know how to live his mature age correctly. It is essential for a mature man to comprehend that his youth has gone away. It is ridiculous to want to repeat in our maturity the same dramas and scenes of our youth.

Each period of life has its own beauty, and one needs to know how to live it.

Just as the ant acts with foresight by carrying leaves to its anthill before the arrival of hard winter, likewise a mature man must work with extreme intensity before the arrival of his old age. Yes, as the ant, a mature man must act with swiftness and foresight.

Many young men waste all their vital values in a miserable manner; thus, when they arrive to mature age, they find themselves ugly, horrible, miserable, and failures.

It is ludicrous indeed to see mature men repeating the philanderer actions of youth, without realizing that they are now horrible and that youth has already gone.

One of the greatest calamities of this agonizing civilization is the vice of alcohol. During their youth, many people surrender to the vice of alcohol, thus when their mature age arrives, they have not formed a home, they have not made a fortune, they do not have a lucrative profession, because they live from bar to bar begging for liquor, and become frightfully horrible, disgusting, and miserable people.

Consequently, parents and teachers must pay special attention to young people, and honestly guide them with the healthy purpose of making a better place of this world.