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from Medieval Latin vitriolum (“sulphuric acid”), from vitrum (“glass”).

"Take the vitriol of Venus, carefully prepared according to the rules of Spagyric Art; and add thereto the elements of water and air which you have reserved." — Paracelsus, The Treasure of Treasures for Alchemists

"Vitriol is a very noble mineral among the rest, and was held always in highest estimation by philosophers, because the Most High God has adorned it with wonderful gifts. They have veiled its arcanum in enigmatical figures like the following: "Thou shalt go to the inner parts of the earth, and by rectification thou shalt find the occult stone, a true medicine". By the earth they understood the Vitriol itself; and by the inner parts of the earth its sweetness and redness, because in the occult part of the Vitriol lies hid a subtle, noble, and most fragrant juice, and a pure oil." — Paracelsus, Aurora of the Philosophers

"This work is performed with the Vitriol of Venus.

"V.I.T.R.I.O.L.: “Visitam Interiori Terra Rectifictur Invenian Ocultum Lapidum.” “Visit the interior of the earth, which by rectifying, you will find the hidden stone.”

"It is necessary to visit our own interior Earth to find our blessed stone. This blessed stone is the semen." -Samael Aun Weor, Treatise of Sexual Alchemy