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"Vitriol is one of the clues of the Gnostic Alchemist. The word signifies: “Visitam Interiorem Terre Rectificatum Invenias Ocultum Lapidum.” “Visit the interior of the earth, which through rectifying you will find the occult stone.” - Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of Beelzebub

"Vitriol is a very noble mineral among the rest, and was held always in highest estimation by philosophers, because the Most High God has adorned it with wonderful gifts. They have veiled its arcanum in enigmatical figures like the following: "Thou shalt go to the inner parts of the earth, and by rectification thou shalt find the occult stone, a true medicine". [...] Thereupon follows the greatest arcanum, that is to say, the Supercelestial Marriage of the Soul, consummately prepared and washed by the blood of the lamb, with its own splendid, shining, and purified body. This is the true supercelestial marriage by which life is prolonged to the last and predestined day. In this way, then, the soul and spirit of the Vitriol, which are its blood, are joined with its purified body, that they may be for eternity inseparable." - Paracelsus, The Aurora of the Philosophers

By rectifying the interior of our own earth, the physical body, we find the source of all powers: the Intimate Christ.

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