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Three brains

Esoteric psychology recognizes that humanoids actually have three centers of intelligence within:

  • an intellectual brain
  • an emotional brain
  • a motor/instinctive/sexual brain

These are not physical brains; they are divisions of organized activity. Each one functions and operates independent of the others, and each one has a host of jobs and duties that only it can accomplish. Of course, in modern humanity the three brains are grossly out of balance and used incorrectly.

Incidentally, some people believe the teaching of the three brains was original to the teacher Gurdjieff, yet he himself stated that he received the teaching from others, significantly hinting that much of what he taught can be traced to Tibet, albeit through his complex layering of veils. In fact, since the three brains are a function of nature, no teacher "invented" the concept: every mystical tradition has information about our psychological and physiological processes, no matter which names or terms they utilize. It is foolish to argue over who said what first: what matters is to change.

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