(Greek χάος) khaos "abyss, that which gapes wide open, is vast and empty." There are three primary applications of this term.

"The first Chaos from which the cosmos emerged is between the Sephiroth Binah and Chesed. The second Chaos, from where the fundamental principles of the human being emerged, exists within Yesod-Mercury, which is the sexual human center. The third Chaos, the Infernal Worlds, exists below the Thirteenth Aeons in the region of Klipoth, in the underworld." - Samael Aun Weor, The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

Primarily, chaos is the primitive state of the universe, from which occurs creation (Genesis). The abyss (not the inferior abyss), or the "Great Deep." Personified as the Egyptian Goddess Neith, the Great Mother, the Immaculate Virgin from which arises all matter. The Chaos is WITHIN the Ain Soph. The primitive state of the universe. Esoterically, a reference to the semen, both in the microcosm and the macrocosm. Alchemically, it is said to be a mixture of water & fire, and it holds the seeds of the cosmos.

"In truth Chaos came into being the very first." - Hesiod, Theogony

"First I sung the obscurity of ancient Chaos, How the Elements were ordered, and the Heaven reduced to bound; And the generation of the wide-bosomed Earth, and the depth of the Sea, And Eros the most ancient, self-perfecting, and of manifold design; How he generated all things, and parted them from one another." - Orphic fragment (Greek)

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