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Akashic Records

Permanent impressions held in nature of everything that has ever occurred, i.e. “the memory of nature.” By means of awakening consciousness, it is possible to access past, present, and future events within these records.

"The Akasha is a subtle agent that penetrates and permeates the whole space. All the events of the Earth and its races, the life of Jesus etc., are depicted as an eternal and living film within the Akasha. [...] We already know that all movement is relative and that there is only one constant. This one is the velocity of light. Light travels at a certain constant velocity. With their lenses astronomers perceive stars that have already ceased to exist. What they see and even photograph of these stars is the memory, the Akasha. Many of these stars are so distant, that the light coming from them could have begun its journey before the formation of the world. This slowness of light, this constant, may in reality make the invention of certain special instruments with which the past can be seen possible. None of this is impossible. Thus, with a very special telescope, with a very special radio-television apparatus, it is possible to capture sounds and light, events and happenings that have occurred on our Earth since the formation of the world. [...] The devotee will be able to study the Akashic Records of Nature with the Astral Body and know all past, present and future events." - Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony

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