(Hebrew, אימא ; אם “mother”) A Kabbalistic name of the Divine Feminine or Goddess.

"This is Binah, which is called 'the fiftieth year,' and also called "Ima." - The Zohar

An unfoldment of Ruach Ha Kadosh (the Holy Spirit) Binah (understanding). Aima is the Mother or Shechinah (feminine Hebrew word that means “the dwelling of the presence of God” - Chesed - Mercy), Gedulah is conceived by Aima Elohim when fecundated by the Holy Spirit Binah (Jehovah Elohim). She creates the lower Sephiroth by means of the Initiations of Chesed. Thereafter, she may conceive in her womb Chokmah (as the Son of Man, Christ).

In Greek “Aima” means blood either in humans or rational or irrational animals, it is also metaphorically referred to as juice of grapes, or specifically to the blood of Christ.

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