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Why is it so hard to do what is good for us, like to follow the teachings of the great Masters and so easy to do what is harmful for us? what can we do against this terndency? could we for example every morning after waking up pray to be given the strength to act lovingly towards our self and eliminate the undesired psychological aggregates which make us suffer so much?I suspect my hatred towards my mother makes me do everything to become miserable, so that I punish her in these way. Once I understood what I do, I started to try acting so, that she becomes happy. But I need to be pay attention to that all the time, and every time i forget it, I start again going late to sleep, waking up late, not studying enough, isolating my self...

I had when steel being in school negative feelings against my mother for stupid reasons, completely irrational, but this became gradually hatred, which came out(meaning started controlling me) when I started searching for the truth, the knowledge, reading Plato, the Gospels of the new testament, and other religions. I started to prefer prefer philosophy than mathematics and physics, since the teachers in school were boring, and from a good student, became a bad one. I didn't pass the entrance exams for a engineering university of my country, I wasn't allowed to enter the psychology faculty , because someone has to choose between theoretical, engineering and natural universities to apply to, and at the beginning of the 11 grade I liked mathematics and physics,when I chose the engineering "direction" , during the 11 grade I changed my mind, so eventually I went abroad and now I study technical physics, which is nice, but steel negative thoughts of bad will are coming, and subconsciously I don't want again to study...

Actually after reading this from the revolutionary psychology: "Each of these persons traveling along the Horizontal path is similar to a musical instrument on which each of his fellowmen can play the tune he wishes to." I decided to write to you, I fell like this, like a musical instrument, that a person that I thought was my friend, who was jealous of my, made me have negative felling towards my mother, I will skip how he did it, and now what? I don't want to keep living with that hatred in my hurt, what can I do? Do I need to learn to astral project an ask someone up there?

Every time that I find something that helps me and gives me joy, then I feel a strong resistance to do it again, and even though i know that something is prevents me from doing it, I steel don't do it, for example to study the book revolutionary psychology, do japa in the morning (and the rest of the day), so even though there are some things that could help me, I don't do them. How can I overcome this resistance? Samael says: " But, in reality of truth, I have to say that there are mechanisms to overcome resistance and they are:
1.— Recognize it
2.— Define it
3.— Comprehend it
4.— Work on it
5.—Overcome and disintegrate it by means of Sexual Super-Dynamics."
I think I have recognized it, but how to make the next steps?

Paz Inverential
8 years ago
There are three stages for the eradication of defects.

1. Discovery - self-observation of the defect in action.
2. Judgment - comprehension of the specific defect within meditation.
3. Execution - prayer to the Divine Mother for the eradication of the ego in question.

In order to eliminate defects, grace is needed. We must learn to pray fervently to our Divine Mother Kundalini in the supreme moment of comprehension of a given psychological aggregate.

In order to comprehend a defect, we must be profound. We must self-observe throughout the day, to pray constantly, and to relax our body, heart and mind.

If you lack comprehension of your defects, the fault lies in a lack of judicious self-observation throughout the day.

Knowledge is of the mind. Comprehension is of the heart. It is useless to know that one is an angry person if one has not comprehended this fact. The fault of not taming such desires is a result of lacking self-observation of those defects within critical moments.

Prayer is fundamental for change. If you struggle, you must profoundly meditate on your Divine Mother Kundalini in the temple of your heart, who awaits such moments in order to heal your painful heart...

For thirty years I sought God. But when I looked carefully I found that in reality God was the seeker and I the sought. -Bayazid al-Bastami

8 years ago
I have red your reply and am already improving (gradually) my self observation, I hope I will soon get rid of that or these ego. I think my self as an musical instrument (in an orchestra), which has to follow the instructions of the maestro, then beatiful music will be produced. The great maestro is of course God, but until now, I only theorize, my attempts to achieve serving God are always ending up indulging to my desires, which as you said , the main reason for that is the lack of self observation. If I have time, is it better to sit and do Japa, recite the 1000 names of the divine mother(Sri Lalita Sahasranama) or listen to the symphonies of Beethoven in order to get higher vibrations and be in harmony with the great Law? Which other music do you suggest listening?
8 years ago
Sexual transmutation, mantra recitation, performed with concentration, prayer, imagination, and relaxation, is better than mechanically repeating a thousand mantras with the attachment, hope, or expectation that one will get results.

As for Beethoven, you can't go wrong there! Try listening to Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Wagner, Chopin, Bach, Berlioz, Arrigo Boito, Puccini, the great classical composers, etc.

Joyful in hope, suffering in tribulation, be thou constant in thy prayer.

Benedictis, qui venit in nomine Domini. Osanna in excelsis.

"Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest!"

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