The term Omer (an analogous symbol to that of the Scale of Justice) refers to the measure that was used to determine the quantity (one handful) of grain (this refers to the “hand” or will of God - the Iod within “Hei” the Uterus in Yesod) within which the Manna (his Infinite Sexual Force that originates the Second Birth) is contained.

“Speak unto the children of Israel (or igneous particles of the Being trapped within the Ego that - by means of sexual transmutation - are coming out of Egypt), and say unto them, When you enter into the land (spinal medulla) which I give unto you, and shall (by means of sexual transmutation) reap the harvest thereof, then you shall bring an Omer of the first fruits (of the tree of Good and Evil) of your harvest unto the priest (Chesed, the Innermost): And he shall wave the “Omer” before Iod-Havah, to be accepted for you: on the dawning after the Sabbath the priest shall wave it. - Leviticus 23: 10, 11

“And you shall count unto you from the dawning after the Sabbath (when you start sexual transmutation), from the day that you have brought the "Omer" (transmuted sexual seed offering); seven Sabbaths (Seven Initiations of Fire) shall be complete: Even unto the day after the Seventh Sabbath (Seventh Initiation of Fire) shall you count fifty days (if Nun, the heir to the throne, the Messiah incarnates); and you shall offer a new meat (of light) offering unto Iod-Havah.” - Leviticus 23:15-16

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