Transcribe a lecture

We are in need of volunteers to aid in the transcription of lectures. This is a simple process of typing verbatim the words of an audio lecture. We also have transcribed lectures that need to be proofread, edited, and corrected.


  1. To volunteer to make a transcription, pick a lecture from the list. Please do not ask us to assign one to you, or say "any." Use the link below in order to request transcribing your chosen lecture. It is important to do this to ensure we do not have multiple people working on the same lecture, thus avoiding unnessary work. We remove assigned lectures from the list as soon as they are assigned, so the list is usually accurate. Alternatively, since some transcribers never complete their task, there are lectures in the courses that are not on this list. If you find a lecture that does not have a transcription, write to us at the link below.
  2. Download your chosen lecture, play it, and type in the spoken text as accurately as possible. The lecture can be transcribed as any basic text format (txt, doc, rtf, etc). NOTE: Please do not use dictation software; it is highly inaccurate, and the time it takes to correct is far longer than the time it takes to type the lecture manually! (If dictation software worked, we would not need volunteers to make transcriptions.)
  3. We appreciate light editing, such as excluding coughs, "ums," misspoken words, and other unimportant aspects of speech. It is also helpful if contractions are expanded (make "You're" into "You are.")
  4. Completed lectures can be emailed to us. Use the button below this list to submit your transcription request to us.
  5. To volunteer to proofread a transcribed lecture, write to us and we will let you know what is available.

Awaiting Transcription:


Missing Transcripts


All Complete


Alphabet of Kabbalah& nbsp;

All Complete



All Complete


Beginning Here and Now

Our Multidimensional Universe 

Mysterious Tetragrammaton, Part 2

Language of Intuition

Involution, Evolution, Devolution, Revolution

Development of the Inner Human Being

Bhavachakra: The Wheel of Becoming

Our True Nature


The Book of Revelation

All Complete


Christ the Mystery of Light

All Complete or Being Worked On



All Complete or Being Worked On


Cosmic Evolution in the Bible

All Complete


Daath, The Tree of Knowledge

All Complete



All Complete


Defense for Spiritual Warfare

All Complete


Esoteric Christianity

All Complete or being worked on


Evolution of Sex

All Complete or being worked on


Fuel for Spiritual Experience

All Complete


Gnosis of Buddha Dharma

Upright Intention

The Three Jewels, Part 2

Buddha Nature and Buddha Maitreya


The Gnostic Moses

Alchemical Kabbalistic Christ

Moses, the Mystery of Adam

Moses, the Mystery of Eve

Moses, the Mystery of Creation

Moses, The Envoy of the Hallow of Hallows

Gnostic Mysteries




Greek Mysteries

The Path of Balance, Part 2


Healthy Spirituality


All completed or being worked on


Heavenly and Satanic Cults

Heavenly and Satanic Cults, Part 3


Kabbalah of Genesis

Cain and Abel Part 1

Cain and Abel Part 4

Paradise Lost, Part 1



Let Us Make Adam

Let there be a Firmament

The Soul in Kabbalah

Let the Waters Bring Forth

Let Us Bring Living Souls

And Adam Became a Living Soul


Machinery of the Soul

The End of the Machine


Meditation Essentials

All Being Worked On or Complete


Meditation without Exertion

All Complete


The Path of Initiation

All Complete or Being Worked On


The Path of the Bodhisattva

All Complete


Practical Spirituality

All Complete


Precepts of Alchemy

Children of God


The Ring of Nibelungen Explained

Gnostic Retreat 2010: Rhinegold



All Complete


Sacraments of the Gnostic Church


All Complete

Samael the Fifth Angel

All Complete



All Complete


Teaching of the Hindu Gods

All Complete


The Transformation of Energy

All Complete


Twelve Stages of the Buddha’s Life


All Complete or Being Worked On

Twenty-Two Arcana of the Tarot

All Complete


Two Trees of Eden


All Complete or Being Worked On


To communicate with us about transcriptions, including submitting completed texts, use this link:

Answers to Frequent Questions:

How much time do I have to supply the transcriptions?

We do not require any particular time limit, although we appreciate them being done sooner rather than later. Some transcribers finish in a matter of hours, others take days or weeks.

I don't know some of the words used. What should I do?

The instructors always read them to make additions, corrections, etc, so just place something there in cases where you cannot understand what is being said, so the instructor will see that he needs to clarify it. You can either write out something phonetic, or estimate the word as best you can. It also helps to place it in [brackets]. You can also refer to the online Glossary.

Do the instructors give feedback on the quality of the transcriptions?

When the transcriptions are completed they are usually placed on the GnosticTeachings website. In most cases, they are posted online within a week or so. Exceptions may occur if the instructor wants to use the transcription for something else or if he or she simply has not had time to read it. As for feedback, the lecturers are primarily concerned with simply getting the information typed; completing a transcription is the primary mark of quality they look for, so if you complete a lecture, you get a grade of "A+"!

Esoteric Christianity 01 Introduction to Esoteric Christianity