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October 24th - 2021 - November 22nd - 2021


Those who enter into the difficult path of liberation from the causes of suffering need help from divinity. The compassion of the divine sends unto the deserving the fierce intelligence that wages war against the selfish, impure, lustful, etc. Among the many religions, that great warrior god has many names: Ares, Mars, Kartikeya, etc., but we prefer to use his Hebrew name: Samael סמאל.

Get Help to Handle Scorpio

From October 24th to November 22, the warrior-force of Ares / Samael is especially active, since Angel Samael controls the influence brought by Scorpio.

Scorpio rules the sexual organs, the source of our greatest power, but is also the power that can most easily destroy us.

The Hebrew name Samael means both "medicine of God" and "poison of God." This duality is clear in sex: it can create or destroy. It depends upon how we use it. If use our willpower intelligently, we can convert our sexual power into spiritual power. Sexual purity is the basis of spiritual power. Thus, Scorpio is a peak time to transmute the sexual energy, and Samael is the angel who helps us accomplish it.

During October 24 to November 22, improve your transmutation. Appeal to Samael to help you purify your mind, and become a hero on the path of love.

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