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September 23rd - 2021 - October 23rd - 2021


During each phase of the zodiacal year, there are methods to take advantage of the predominant forces in order to benefit oneself and others. During the influence of Libra from September 23rd to October 22nd, there is a simple exercise we can do every that helps balance the forces within us.

As with all spiritual exercises, this must be done with relaxation in all three brains. Before you begin, be sure to relax your body, heart, and mind. Pray to your Innermost for assistance. Use your own words. Maintain profound awareness of what you are doing at the moment; do not think of anything else. Concentrate on the exercise. Throughout the exercise, visualize the effects you seek. These are the four qualities of effective spiritual practice: relaxation, prayer, concentration, and visualization. Learn to balance these qualities this month while using the exercise of Libra:

"Libra, the zodiacal sign of the balance, governs the kidneys. Libra is the sign of the equilibrating forces, and in the kidneys the forces of our organism must balance out completely.

"Stand up in a military position of attention and then with the arms extended in the form of a cross or scale, move like a scale, inclining seven times to the right and seven to the left with the intention that all of your energies become equilibrated in the kidneys. The movement of the upper half of the spinal column must be like that of a scale.

"The forces that ascend from the earth passing through the sieve of our feet along the entire organism must become equilibrated at the waist, and this is carried out successfully with the balancing movement of Libra." —Samael Aun Weor, Practical Astrology

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