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Retreats, spiritual events, astrological influences, and holy days.

Aquarian New Year

1962 Conjunction of Aquarian Era
1962 Conjunction of Aquarian Era
Holy Days
February 4th - 2023


We all know there are small periods of time (months, seasons) in which nature changes and new influences come into dominance, yet there are also larger cycles about which humanity has yet to learn. The twelve months of a calendar year, each marked by a zodiacal sign, mirror the twelve eras or ages in a Great Year. Each age is 2,140 years long.

On February 4-5, 1962, exactly when there was a new moon AND a full solar eclipse, there was also an extraordinary celestial conjunction of the seven primary planets with the Earth. The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were all visibly grouped close together, and their orbits were aligned with the Earth. This event signaled a change of era, similar to how the hands of a clock move into a new day. The Earth had completed an era under the influence of Pisces, and then entered an era influenced by Aquarius.

Therefore, February 4 marks the the beginning of the new Aquarian year.

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