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  Saturday, 20 June 2015
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Good day:

A few years back I read the Book of Nehemiah in the Bible. Now that I am studying Gnosis and Kabbalah the Book came into my consciousness. So I read it again.

I identified 12 Gates and have been wondering if this Book is code for the Tree of Life. The Gates are: Valley and Dung Gates (2:13); Fountain Gate (2:14); Sheep Gate (3:2); Fish Gate (3:3); Old Gate (3:6); Horse Gate (3:28); East Gate (3:29); Muster Gate (3:31); Gate of Ephraim (8:16); and Gate of the Guard (12:39).

"And the King said...(the queen sitting beside him)" (2:6). I wondered if they refer to Ain and Ain Soph (I may just be too presumptuous, but I am wondering out loud to you!)

Nehemiah asked the King for "...letters [to] be given [him] to the governors of the providence Beyong the River, that they may let [him] pass through until [he comes] to Judah." (2:7). Are the letters the 22 Hebrew letters as keys on the Paths? Who are the governors--Gods, Archangels? And to which aspect of the Tree is Asaph, "...the keeper of the king's forest..."? (2:8).

My imagination might just be getting away from me, and I might be way off base. So I thought it best to seek your help!

Do you have any material on the Book of Nehemiah that I can study?

Please note that all references are from The Catholic Bible.

Thank you for your assistance and for your service!
8 years ago
I read Lion of Judah's response to Catherine's question on the Book of Ezekiel, quoted below; I saw that it answered my question on the Book of Nehemiah in that it does not relate to Kabbalah. Thank you.

"The five books of Moses, the Prophecy of Ezekiel and the Apocalypse of St. John are the three kabbalistic keys of the whole Biblical edifice."
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