Wednesday, 06 May 2015
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I have half an hour in the morning(always at home) and 2 hours in the evening (5 days at home, 2 in the train) for my soul, what should we do every morning and in the evening? pranayama, concentration, the retrospective exercise, and how long? I do not include meditation, since I need at first concentration. (Obviously the rest of the day I will try to observe and remember my self, pray to god, do japa, try to obey my divine parents) Then after the practical part, what to study? here Title are lots of information, I listened the "meditation without excertion" course which was extremely helpful,I will study it again today to be sure I didn't miss any important part, from the rest of the information about meditation in the link above, what should I read first, second, third...?

Except meditation, I am interested in Bodhichitta, that's why I read now the wonderful book of Shantideva, I have listened to the lecture "Bodhichitta", when I finish it, should I study the course "the path of the Bodhisattva" or do you reccomend something else about Bodhichitta and the path of Bodhisattva? the reason I want to learn meditation is to follow this path, so while reading about meditation, I want simultaneously to keep my interest and goal on this path.

my initial inspiration to find the knowledge how to help humanity came three years ago, but only when I saw the Buddha mediating on a poster, did I realize, that only with meditation will I find this knowledge, so please tell me how to use my time?

:D :D :D :D :D, which means thank you

I want to thank all the instructors and the rest of the people who help, including those who donate
7 years ago
Each student has to determine their own needs, just as you are: by studying the teachings and at the same time studying oneself.

Then, every day, reflect on those two: what you are learning from the teachings, and what you are learning through self-observation. The relationship between these two factors brings the third factor: comprehension, equilibrium.

The specific practices you do will change, as you change and as you learn. Nevertheless, every day, always include meditation and transmutation.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

7 years ago
Ok! thank you!! :)
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