Ave Maria

  Tuesday, 05 May 2015
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Should we adress our divine Mother as Ram-IO? Would it be wrong to say in the prayer Hail Mary instead of hail Ram-IO? I say it in latin the prayer, I just ask for those who say it in english. It is a beatiful prayer, I just ask, if someone asks me, why the translation in english says Ram-IO, how do I explain it? I find this explanation a little too complicated:

"Isis, the Latin Maria, is Ram-IO. This is how we say it alchemically. We have to read “Mar” backwards as “Ram” and “IA” as “IO”; Ram-IO, Maria, Mary. "IO" is the Luni-Solar androgynism. IO is the masculine/ feminine force of Ra, the fire. The letter "M" symbolizes the water which is always feminine. So, when we say “Ram” we are visualizing “Ra” the fire in the water, the “M”; and IO symbolizes the fire and the water in the masculine and feminine polarities in Malkuth; thus, this is the meaning of the name Ram-IO, Maria, Mary. And her husband, also, has the same meaning but in Yesod. His name is IO-Cephas, Joseph. We read “IO” here again, the two polarities of Cephas, the stone, the rock of Yesod. Cephas is Petros, Patar, Peter, Pitara, the Father “Ra,” Osiris-Ra"

"Hail Ram-IO, full of grace,
Our Lord is with Thee!
Blessed art thou, amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Yeshua.
Virgin Ram-IO, Mother of God,
pray for us with the sinning ego,
now and at the hour of the death
of our vices. Amen.

The latin name Maria hides the mantra Ram-IO, which is the mantra with which we address the Divine Mother, Mother of God"
thank you
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