Thursday, 30 April 2015
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Greetings Dear Brothers And Sisters.

1.Since site dont provide any kind of hard(Hard) physical ascetical practices, my guess was reason for this, many people unfollow this for hardship. Correct?
2.Nevertheless my thanks will be size of heart, if you share your ascetical practices (like feets in cold water for period time etc. ).?
3.From experiencies I noticed that hard ascetical practices very help to deal with ego. Correct?

Thank You Very Much.
7 years ago
1. Fakirism or strong physical asceticism develops willpower over instincts and sensations, but these types of practices could never elaborate the causal body of Christ-will.

2. You can practice physical austerities, but it is even better to develop conscious will by living in society, fulfilling one's moral and familial obligations, using will to fulfill one's work or projects, etc. This form of rectitude develops willpower in balance with the other centers of our human machine.

One does not need to abandon life and practice asceticism, since asceticism only develops the motor-instinctive brain.

3. Ascetic practices may help you develop will over instinct and sensation, but better yet is to comprehend your mind in daily life, through a vocation in this society.

Asceticism develops will, but can it ever develop conscious emotion or objective knowledge? No, it cannot.

In synthesis, we must walk the path of balance, developing all three brains in harmony.

See the references below, especially The Perfect Matrimony (the section in the link on "The Gnostic Church")!
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