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Hello brothers and sisters,

I need to establish a relationship with my internal divinity, my internal father and mother, but, to my shame, i m not exactly sure how to do it, so i will ask questions which might sound silly.

1. A prayer is to converse with God, so is it appropriate to just talk to God (concentrated on him or her) like i talk to any being?

2. If i use a prayer (, does the language matter? My native language is not English, so can i translate the prayer in my language? Or should i just use the English in order to make sure that the prayer remains unspoiled from translation?

3. Is time a factor? If i pray with a certain prayer and than ask for something (or not), is it better to repeat the prayer or to just say it once? I m not sure how should i pray for let s say 1 hour. Does this mean i repeat certain prayer in the similar manner like i repeat a mantra?

All these question only translate the sad fact, that i m not sure what to say to my inner divinity.
7 years ago
1. Sincerity is what matters, not perfect memorization of formulas. Speak in the silence and honesty of your heart, and الله Allah (may He be praised and exalted) will concur to your call.

2. Certain prayers are specific to a given language and are therefore scientific. Like a mathematical formula, when you know how to communicate a mantric language with concentration and faith, you will produce more profound results, since mantras work with energy and the cosmos.

As for prayers in English, it is fine to translate them into your own language, yet Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, and Sanskrit mantras should not be translated, since they carry immense power and must retain their potency through using their original languages.

3. You can pray for twenty-four hours with a distracted mind and will get nothing, yet a single moment of genuine yearning born from a single state of silence in the mind is enough to open the doors to the superior worlds.

However, Samael Aun Weor did mention that to properly pray the Pater Noster, one must meditate on the individual phrases for a total of one hour. When communication with our inner divinity is strong, such practices become more fruitful for the disciple.

As for learning how to pray, have you seen the following course (specifically the fourth lecture in this ongoing series)?

For thirty years I sought God. But when I looked carefully I found that in reality God was the seeker and I the sought. -Bayazid al-Bastami

7 years ago
Thank you mr. Almustafa for quick and thorough answer:)

I did listen to practical spirituality course, but i didn t notice, the new lecture, thank you for pointing this out to me.
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