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  Sunday, 05 April 2015
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Greetings Dear Teachers.

1. Its Possible To Eliminate All Ego's In Mind to Attain 100% Inner mind with 100% Faith, just possesing Lunar Bodies?
8 years ago
Each body is a transformer of energy. The lunar bodies — being the simplest and least powerful — have limited capacity to transform energy. Moreover, the lunar bodies are the vehicle of the mind itself — that is, they are mixed up with the very defects we need to eliminate.

The defects that we have made are very dense and complex. To eliminate those defects, one needs very powerful energy. The lunar bodies are incapable of handing the intense energy require to clean the mind 100%. With the lunar bodies (mind, heart) that we currently have, you see how weak we are! To confront and eliminate the defects we have created over many lifetimes, we need forces that are superior to that mind, that are beyond it. The only energies capable of that cleansing are provided to us by Christ. That energy is incredibly powerful. It cannot be harnessed without solar bodies. Imagine placing all the energy of the sun into your physical body: that is comparable to what we are discussing. Your physical body, no matter how fit and healthy, could never handle that much energy.

With only the lunar bodies, one can become a buddha, and be quite awakened both physically and internally. But to totally clean all the levels of the mind 100%, one needs the solar bodies to channel the energies of Christ.

All of this is explained in The Three Mountains.

"Do not worry; cultivate the habit of being happy." - Samael Aun Weor

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