Wednesday, 18 March 2015
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->G|uided blindly by the lunar astral body with lust and greed
->N|ot stopping the feast of eating the apple from my tree with a disguised perception of good deed
->O|pening to awareness and experiences was very easilyyyyyyyyyyy guaranteed
->S|earching, found gnosis that lead me to discover the reality/existence of egos that were the weed
-> I|nflamed in shame and despair thinking it was me, psychologically dying for the growth of my seed.
->S|alvation is this dark ocean i'm drowned in by feeding satan, transmuting up to the light to be freed.

Community, especially Master Samael Aun Weor, Thank you.

This drunk guy at work while everyone was distracted in conversation called me satan's son, we didn't know each-other so its just so true how we are demons behind our personalities, its a shame some of us discover gnosis late to realize the apple was the orgasm which all the social/educational/health/entertainment/co-operational systems advertise 24/7.

EDIT-> Apologies can't seem to reply back -> "Sorry but you are not allowed to reply to this discussion" , so i'll say here, it wasn't a question sorry for a misleading title, it was a Testimonial/Confession to say thanks to all of you instructors and Master Samael Aun Weor with these teachings that's saving so many lives.
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