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  Wednesday, 04 March 2015
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Thank You All Once Again. I stumbled along the attached article today and t peaked my interest as I've never heard permanent semen retention discussed by the Hare Krsna community before, usually I just hear about abstention from them. I was curious, especially since I'm unable to practice pranayama due to being 25lbs underweight, are the tips mentioned in the article at all relevant to avoiding nocturnal emissions? These include: keeping the internal body temperature cool thru avoiding spicy foods & bathing with cold water, not filling the stomach to the point it pushes on the genital region, sleeping on the right side, avoiding tamarind & chilies & eggplant and taking carrots & beets in moderation so as not to thin the semen, sleeping max 6 hours a night etc. I'm guessing these things are trivial when one practices pranayama but since I'm unable to will they help me sublimate the sexual force to help rejuvenate my physical body to the point I can do breath work?
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