Thursday, 26 February 2015
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Me and my spouse have this problem of items simply disappearing. Small items are simply disappearing in our room. Some documents and other minor stuff. Recently (today, maybe an hour ago) I put small item on my desk and we both were in the same room. Then when we wanted to put it in other place in the box we could not find it. It simply disappeared. And this is not the first time when items simply disappear. Items did not get lost. We put items so we could see them (when we do something), or some documents in their place and they just keep disappearing. It is really strange.
What kind of phenomena is this and how to battle this?
Today it was a simple item for our hydroponic garden (simple little valve for air pump). But before that some of my documents kept missing. They are not very important, but searching them really takes much energy.
Today we both were searching for this valve half an hour or a bit more. It is difficult to explain, and much more difficult to comprehend how an item which was put on a desk just could disappear. We could not find it anywhere.
What kind of sorcery is this? What kind of creatures could do that? And what kind of phenomena this could be?
It really sounds strange and majority of people would tell that you just lost that or that item in your room or house, but this is not a case.
How could we banish such entity or how could we cleanse our room from such phenomena? We lit the candles almost every night. We cleanse the room periodically with sulfur, salt, incense and recently putting ashes near threshold of the door.
It is not only thing that happens in this room as there were few occasions that at night after changing places of the furniture I could hear it knocking in that place where it previously was and I would at that moment feel a huge pressure in my head.
Any insight would be helpful.
Thank you.
8 years ago
Hello again! I would like to update this discussion.
Today at night my wife told me that she heard a knocking at our door of our sleeping room. As she described it I came to conclusion that she heard the same knocking that I heard before. It is a very similar knocking which I heard with my internal and physical ears (knocking coming from another plane, more likely from astral, and which can be heard when you are asleep, but are returning to your physical body (similar when you make astral unfold, similar state when you start to see dreaming images, but are not fully asleep) with your astral body and as well this sound seems to reach even physical ears).
She did not open the door because she thought it would be unsafe (as I did not open before). We are 100% sure that it was not a physical person in our house, but some kind of not physical entity/person.
We sealed our room carefully with strong "magic" before this event, so my speculation would be that knocking astral (or ethereal?, not sure about ethereal) person/entity was asking for our "permission" to enter our room, because it could not enter because of seals.
We have sealed this room by putting sulfur in four corners, drawing pentagram on the threshold of the door with charcoal, also by putting some salt there and there and also at the door, and pouring some ashes (which I scrupulously prepared couple of years ago and left sealed in red/white painted glass jar for energetic charge for couple of years).
As I understand it is the same thing/person which was bothering us by knocking at our furniture some time ago (before the seal).
Also our missed things were not found yet.
It is really bothering us as it seems it is not regular acts of "sorcery".
We will wait for any insights as long as you need. We know that to give some advice about this matter takes much time to investigate.
Thank you again for your time.
8 years ago
We cleaned our house with Sage and Palo Santo.
It seems it helped.
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