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  Monday, 19 January 2015
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I have read many things about the benefits of fasting. I have fasted for 6 days with only juices and then 3 days with only water and then the last 3 days with no food or water and had some of the greatest spiritual blessing of my life. It actually led me to you website and I have been learning more ever since. However, I feel called to do a 40 day fast with no food or possibly water and I will be doing this in the mountains. I'm a survivalist and have no issues with surviving in the wilderness and I know I can do it without food. I could do it without water through willpower but it's my fear that if I do and I haven't interpreted the scriptures incorrectly that I could have kidney failure and die. My question is what is the meaning/interpretation of Moses and Jesus doing 40 days and nights of fasting with no food or water. Something tells me the no water part could me that literally or that they didn't not masturbate/ejaculate for 40 days and that seminal fluid was what helped them to reach enlightenment or in raising the kundalini energy. My assumption is they lived off prana during those fasts. When I do this fast is there other actions besides meditation and prayer every day that I should do. Such a yoga, sun gazing, etc...

Thanks you so much for your time and help in advance.
8 years ago
The number 40 is Kabbalistic linked to the Hebrew letter mem. Mem is the waters, our creative-sexual waters that when transmuted provide an everlasting life. As much as some fasting can be beneficial, at times, extreme fasting will not provide enlightenment. The Buddha already proved this, he was a radical renunciate before realizing the middle way....

Read this:
8 years ago
Thankyou so much for your quick response. I didn't even know what the word renunciation was. However, it is a process I have struggled with my whole life. Your answer led me on a whole days journey and I learned a lot about proper renunciation and even found download on it. The issue is I didn't articulate my main purpose for the fasting. The last fast I did as previously mentioned was 12 days total without food and 3 days ending with no water. The greatest goal I feel I attained during that time which assisted in my blessing was that because I was fasting I had no sexual desires and did not watch porn or masturbate or ejaculate during that time. 14 days total and that is the longest I have ever went without ejaculating since maybe I was 12 years old. I am addicted. It is one of the only addictions I cannot break. And I have been exposed and experimented with many different chemicals. When I'm done I put them down. This I can't beat. I'm 36 years old and know of no one who has stronger sex drive. Numerous partners can attest. I want to transmute this so bad. I'm willing to go without food and water. I just want to be able to control it. Thought since it worked for the 12 day fast 40 would cure it because it has come back with a vengeance now that I have failed. But the most bizarre thing is the day I got complacent after the fast and ate pasta and bread and drank milk I had a really strong headache for 2 days and decided to masturbate and try to dry orgasm. I failed to dry orgasm and ejaculated. But afterwards I was filled with such cosmic knowledge and great love and bliss like never experienced before. It was unbelievable and I believe other people felt it that day when I went lunch and was socializing with people. It was if I was in perfect harmony with the universe. After eating I lost that feeling. But since then I have been back to trying to reach that high, which by the way I was watching porn and masturbating when I reached the bliss. I know that is not a pure way. However, the Love, Bliss, and knowledge that I received afterwards is no doubt cosmic.

Hopefully you can make sense of that and put me on the right track. I'm single and 36 have been a ladies man my whole life. Although very spiritual. I have wanted to end my suffering and apparently I'm on the right track. It is discouraging to hear that we have to have a partner to reach Christ consciousness because at this age most of the ladies my age have had children. I have not. I have waited hoping all along that I would find the right course in life. My hope is there is a match for me and we can do the proper work. But in the meantime. Is fasting to get me on the right track the appropriate step? And what steps afterwards. Sure fire ways to not masturbate and ejaculate. To move that energy up. And how do I learn tantra so that when I do get a partner I don't ejaculate. I see nothing in your courses that teach me proper tantra/dry orgasm once with a partner.

Thanks so much.
8 years ago
Fasting is not going to cure your problem. You must learn how to meditate and transmute your sexual energy. This is not something done in a few days. It is a process.

Your mind, just as anyone's, is the result of many lifetimes of mistaken actions. It will not be resolved with just a week or year of effort. Fasting is similar to tranquilizing a beast. The beast will become pacified, it may even appear to be dead. However, one day you must eat again. The beast will rise and you will return to your full self. Fasting only weakens the physical body, and may even kill it. But it does nothing to the ego, nothing at all. Even if you fast until your body dies, your ego will remain exactly the same. It will be a wasteful effort.

There are many audio lectures about this. Such as "How to Know the I", "Gnostic Psychoanalysis", "The Three Factors", Self-knowledge.

You can find links to download them here:
8 years ago
Have you seen these threads?

For thirty years I sought God. But when I looked carefully I found that in reality God was the seeker and I the sought. -Bayazid al-Bastami

8 years ago
Thankyou you both for your answers
I will work on this with your suggestions and let you know of the progress. I'm confident I will be empowered.
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