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Hi again, everyone! I have a quickish question: Autonomous Automaton asked a question about the following two quotations about astrological combinations. Where do they come from? I'd love to look them up.


What is ideal in these matters of love is to find the other half, the other half-orange, the twin soul.

Only the total and perfect complement can give us inexhaustible happiness; unfortunately this is too much to ask, since we do not deserve that much, given that all of us are full of karmic debts.

In the field of conjugal life, we have been able to verify that sometimes the man leads and other times the woman. In every home there is one who leads and another who is led. Do not confuse this with commanding and to be commanded.

Astrologically speaking, we will say that Venus must lead the Moon, Mercury must lead Venus, Saturn must lead Mercury, Mars must lead Saturn, Jupiter must lead Mars, and the Moon must lead Jupiter. It is clear that for this, it is necessary to know which star guides our life.

These wise astrological combinations, as we give them here, signify mutual attraction and a perfect sexual complement. Any other sexual unions outside of this order are absurd and even illegitimate, because they violate the sexual nature of those involved, leaving in them deep psychic wounds, very difficult to heal.

The Lunar type always tends to move towards the Venusian, the Venusian type moves towards the Mercurial, the Mercurial type moves towards the Saturnian, the Saturnian type moves towards the Martian, the Martian type moves towards the Jupiterian, and the Jupiterian type turns around and goes towards the Lunar.

Upon this marvelous base of cosmic combinations, the human types can be combined in order to establish perfect marriages upon the face of the Earth.
7 years ago
Accepted Answer
They're both from the book Light from Darkness.
7 years ago
Accepted Answer
They're both from the book Light from Darkness.
7 years ago
Thank you very much, Nicodemus! :)
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