Wednesday, 10 December 2014
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I found an inspiring video in youtube, it made me feell better, and I wonder, if someone knows any 1) inspiring book or article showing the love of the student to the master or guru, I hope to achieve to serve a master selflessly,

did Samael gave any advice how 2) to find our inner master? ask that, because i think, that if I achieve to make my love to master greater than the power of the ego, I could become somehow free, not any more a slave of the fear, of the desires, of my stupidity, of all of that, that you know...

3) should I choose my master, for example Samael, Jesus Christ, or I don't have the right to do that?

thanks a lot, I hope i don't make you tired posting every day a question,
Paz Inverencial, the peace of God be with you
7 years ago
1. Read The Three Mountains

2. Read Practical Astrology

3. All of the masters are available to help you. You are free to call upon any of them.
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